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HEALTH : my diet

i love food. and i mean deeply and passionately. i always have. but like i always say : i just choose to eat food that loves me back. i get asked all the time about my diet. what i eat. how much. am i a […]

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INTERIOR : how i like flowers

now i’m completely useless with plants. i like eating them. taking care of them ? a whole other story. me and david both have the opposite of green fingers. every plant we’ve ever owned has passed away – and they go quickly too ! david […]

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COLUMN : how i found health

if you’ve read my other posts you might have noticed that i talk a lot about health. it’s such a fundamental part of my life, and i’ve got a very clear idea of what i think health is, that i’ve taken it for granted that […]

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FASHION – the power of plants

flipping through my image library i got stuck on these white and green pics, using green plants as accessories. i should style shoots like this more often, don’t you think ?      plants are just the best, is there anything they can’t do ? […]

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