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COLUMN : welcome to berlin

so we’ve made it ! we’re in berlin and we’re still alive. after three hours of sleep and some crazy busy weeks behind us though, we were definitely not in shape to deal with unnecessary problems due to someone mucking about. our plane landed 8am […]

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ETC : gone (not) fishing

  i had a whole other blog post planned for today, but plans change. david woke me up this morning at 8am, which he usually never does. i always wake up by myself. so i asked him ‘what’s up, why are you waking me ?’ […]

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INTERIOR : going vintage furniture shopping

i love the eco-friendliness and one-of-a-kind bargain aspect of recycling furniture. online shopping is of course hard to beat, but here in stockholm people selling their stuff online really take incredible overprices most of the time. so i was happy to stumble upon refurn, a vintage […]

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