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probably the question i’ve been asked the most amount of times ever since started posted pics and videos online. why don’t i have eyebrows ? (because i think i’m more beautiful without.) where are they ? (they’re shaved off.) are they just blonde ? (they’re […]

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FASHION : current fashion inspo

we’ve got a whole new year in front of us and everything seems crisp and clean. who knows what fun and intriguing styles 2017 has up its sleeve ? i, for one, is dying to find out. january is the month of inspiration. if you, […]

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ETC : how to be confident – 8 ways

isn’t that something we all want for ourselves – to be able to walk down the street with out heads held high, feeling completely comfortable in our own skin. being able to express who we are without feeling ashamed of ourselves – no matter if […]

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