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#MeToo – OUR THOUGHTS | podcast

now it’s the mustard’s turn to tackle the subject of #MeToo and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. it’s an incredibly important topic that we only scratch the surface on in this episode and we try to steer the conversation to how women are portrayed […]

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ARE YOU A LIAR ? | podcast

after watching the documentary (dis)honesty, we just felt like we had to talk about this – lying ! what an incredibly exciting, important, and fun topic. we should talk about this more often ! the documentary highlights some super interesting points about dishonesty, rationalisation, cheating, […]

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“the mustards” – kind of sounds like we’re married right ? well we’re not ! nor do we have any plan to seal the deal anytime soon. rings, dresses, wedding planners, venues, music, food, and wedding vows – there’s so much to carefully consider, and […]

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what’s up a video on a friday !? well when it’s friday the 13th this close to halloween, i just had to make a little cosy fall themed favourites video. it’s all about how to get into that autumn hygge mood, with anything from what […]

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ARE YOU SAD ? | podcast

are you feeling sad ? you got the tuesday blues ? or just a little bit cranky or moody for no reason ? we got you covered ! in this episode, we discuss sadness – why do we have it, and is it really all […]

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are you lazy ? do you get into the bad habit of procrastinating, wasting time, and being unproductive as soon as no one is watching ? then this video is for you ! i used to be lazy, and now i’m productive and organised and […]

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