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FASHION : safari chic saturday

on saturday we wen’t to an event hosted by H&M – a rooftop concert to be precise. it was such a beautiful night and we had a great time ! we took a few pics when we were there, will edit them and show you […]

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FASHION : slow saturday work with david

these are my favourite days. calm weekends with david. i don’t really take days off work, so i value the slow ones. just editing film and photos with david close by. making each other tea and playing songs to each other on spotify. right now […]

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FASHION : my maybe midsummer outfit

this week and last week have been so crazy. so much is going on – i’m hella excited and just a little bit exhausted. but tomorrow is midsummer’s eve so i’ll have a whole day of nothing but chilling out and eating swedish smorgasbord. i’m thinking […]

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FASHION : be a pacifist

i feel so relaxed today. the trees outside our windows are may green, flooding the rooms with a fresh-as-can-be light green glow. so i had to share that light with you. wearing ZL by ZLISM bomber jacket, and damage headband and harness. i love this jacket, […]

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ETC : mini jenny and other versions of me

a package just came from my artist friend in london, labelled “lovely jenny for lovely jenny”. so everyone – meet mini jenny. isn’t she lovely indeed. she is beautiful in an almost ghostly way, don’t you think ?    for the last couple of years […]

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