The Cosy Xmas Reading Space

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*this blog post is sponsored by displate. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.

if you are a reader of the blog, you’ll already know about my brand new city map wall art situation i’ve got going on from displate ! these are hand crafted metal posters, with an easy magnet to mount them on the wall. cute, right ?

don’t know if i’ve told you this. but this xmas, david and i are taking two whole weeks off from work. well, kind of. more or less… ah, wish us luck with that !
anyway, the one thing i spend most time doing whenever i have a day off, especially around the holidays, is reading. i read for hours, usually i have five or six books going at once. and you can’t have a proper reading day without a proper cosy corner ! i’ve created a little xmas reading nook in the apartment, and it will look even more christmasy when the tree is up and decorated. all i really need is a corner with a good chair, a place to put my cup of tea, and candle or two.

making sure i have a space like this is really important to me. and creating a little nook through decorating it like a distinct part of the space, like a room within a room, makes it even more inviting. the displate posters are really easy to swap whenever you need a change and fresh inspiration. for instance – i’m actually reading one book set in tokyo (strange weather in tokyo), one set partly in stockholm (utmarker) and one set in london (snobs), and i just love being able to get a sense of where my characters are hanging out simply by glancing to the posters on my right.

having the time every day to do a little (or a lot of) reading is really important to me, it gives me a moment to collect my thoughts and relax, and gives me ideas and inspiration without me leaving the apartment.
if you want a cosy reading corner of your own, i’d totally recommend putting your own nook by the window for lots of natural light during the day. one thing i really like is the matt finish on the displate, so that even by the window you can still clearly see the design. the metal plates sits flush on the wall and looks more contemporary than paper posters, if you ask me. more luxurious for sure.

hope you like my little designated reading corner, it has given me an extra living space in my for-now apartment. let the holiday reading mayhem commence !
PS. don’t forget to use the promo code JENNYMUSTARD to get free shipping on your displate order !

love // jenny

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  1. I love a cozy reading space as well. My morning routine when I’m off work is to bring a cup of coffee back to bed, arrange the pillows and read in bed near the window. My bedroom has the best light ever in the mornings, and it’s warm from the sunshine. I live in reverse: relaxation in the morning, do stuff all day and Into the evening. Most ppl do stuff all day and relax in the evening.

  2. I saw a sponsored ad of Displate some time ago and I must admit, they got me. I ordered already 3 plates, not so cheap but luxurious looking. I’m happy to have them and also 1 bought Displate = 10 planted trees by them!

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