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sorry for being a few days late with this one. just came back from our mini holiday yesterday, but have seriously never worked so hard in my life on a holiday. so not many moments of relaxation, but still a good trip. can’t wait to show you some of the things we got up to.

but first things first – the monthlies with my hopes and inspirations for august.

– i hope that august will bring some actually summer weather. this has by far been the worst summer weather-wise of my life. i just want some days where you’re too warm. where you’re longing for chilly autumn winds and rain clouds. because autumn is coming, and i’m not ready yet. so please summer, give it one last shot.

– i hope august will be a month with a lot of relaxation time. i already know that september will be busy busy and lots of work, since we’re both moving out of this flat, and got a big project coming up. so i want to face september well-rested and at my best. august, be calm and chilled please !

– what inspires me most right now is researching the new video series i’m making called vegan inspo, about some of my all-time favourite vegan bloggers. last sunday’s video was the first edition, and i’ve got a few more really exciting ones lined up. i hope you like the idea !
i’m trying to share all the vegan resources out there that i can think of, to make it easier to transition to a vegan lifestyle to anyone new to veganism or just curious to try out some vegan food.
that’s one thing i really love about the vegan blogger community – there’s no competition, we’re all working together for a kinder, healthier, more conscious way of life. so that’s what this new series is all about, spreading some vegan love ^^

– ok so i know i’ve been talking a lot about this lately, but i’m a bit blown away by bloglovin’. i’ve never really been a loyal follower of blogs until now. i think i might get a little bit addicted, it just makes my online life so much easier and more fun. it’s sort of replacing magazines for me. not altogether, cause magazines are lovely. but i’m definitively going to buy a lot less. which feels great for my wallet and for the environment of course. it’s like when i got the kindle, making my book addiction digital has been brilliant. so i’m all for this bloglovin’ business !

monthlies august 2

that’s it for this month. august – bring it on !

love // jenny

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