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this must be the most important edition of the monthlies of the entire year for me.
i know a lot of people don’t really care about the symbolic worth of a new year, but i’m not one of those people.

i love taking every chance i get to celebrate, start new, feel refreshed, get a push, think back on the passed year. even if it’s really nothing more than an ordinary thursday.

so january 1st means to me a clean slate. it’s when i look at my life, ask myself what i’m happy and grateful for, and what i’m less happy with – and get thinking on how to keep the stuff i like and changing the things i don’t. i do this all the time throughout the year, but nothing beats january 1st when it comes to looking forward a whole year !

so here goes – my hopes and inspirations for this month, but also in some ways for the entire year.
go make yourself a green smoothie, put on some jazz and let’s start dreaming of this brand new year !


– we’re going back to berlin on sunday ! hopefully to stay this time. we still have tons of stuff to figure out before this feels like a solid plan, but we’re getting closer. keep your fingers crossed for us, that we can make this happen.

– the biggest hope for the coming year is connected with our berlin plans. this year is all about me and david working together – making it possible for us to both making a living off of the blog and youtube channel. and just by reading this, you’re helping us achieve that goal. so a big thank you for the support !

– i know i keep mentioning this, but i’m dying to start dancing ! i think that this might be a life changer for me actually. every time i see someone dance, my legs start to crave the movement. music also inspires me to move now. i hope i can find a nice dance studio in berlin !

– this year in itself, 2016, is a huge source of inspiration for me. last year was so weird. in a good way mostly. but working ungodly hours, moving around without a home of our own ( we’ve been on foot for 22 months now ! ), doing the cookbook, and seeing this blog grow with everything that means, has been overwhelming to say the least. and now moving to another country again. as soon as we’re settled in berlin, i’m looking forward to a more organised, stable, and settled life. not being so spontaneous and sorting out problems as they pop up, but instead knowing where we’ll be 6 months from now. what a luxury !
2016, bring it on !


that’s what i’ve got for now. let’s get on with the monthly link list !

first of all, let’s get some yummy healthy food cravings. it’s january so we need all the sunny vitamins we can get. let’s kick off this year in style !
– how stunning does this taiwanese congee with sweet potato look, from my new obsession – food blog vegan miam.

– brightening up my instagram feed lately is kyra’s kitchen with the most calming inspirational photography. check out this sotta la pergola salad and you’ll know what i’m talking about.

– the full helping is always on my inspo list. at the moment, i’m loving the simplicity and neutral aesthetics of this ginger pear muesli with creamy cashew milk. my kind of breakfast !

– another instagram foodie to follow is nadja of @mylifeisdelicious. she also has a blog in korean that all of us non-korean people can translate for gorgeous recipes.

other photography inspo :
– gorgeous minimalist katherine ivon is my latest tumblr follow. again, photos that calm me down and give that instant luxurious feeling. love her.
are you on tumblr btw ? i’ve been incredibly inactive there, but i’m thinking of picking it up again. go on over and say hi here.

– one simply lovely photographer is jules from herz und blut. her interior shots are stunning, and her blog makes me happy. i mean just look at the sunlight in some of these photos. anyone else dying for spring to arrive ?

– another instagram goodie ! gorgeous girl @louiseamelie is a fellow swede who shares my passion for simple, white, and clean. check her feed out !


that’s what i had this month. hope you are – like me – looking forward to this year with fresh eyes and a clear mind.
and don’t forget to let me know if you have any links for me to get inspired by too !

love // jenny

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