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it’s the first of july, and you know what that means ? the monthlies of course – a list of my inspirations and hopes for the new month.

– i hope july will be filled with david-time. i want to go on proper dates with my david. stroll through the city on warm summer nights. dream about our future. talk, talk, and talk.
since we’re not only partners in love, we’re also partners in business – it can sometimes be hard to just hang out without talking work. i want to be better at spending time off together, talking about normal things, like normal couples. i fear that we’ve probably forgot what those things are though. maybe with some practice.

– i hope we’ll be able to go to the summer house on the lake a few days in july. it wouldn’t feel like summer if i didn’t get the chance to swim in the lake, do some late-night-cooking on the porch, and watch dirty dancing and the amazing race in front of the fire with d.

– i think i’ve mentioned it before, that we’re thinking of moving to berlin this autumn. it depends on a lot of practical things of course, but fingers crossed we’ll be sipping on smoothies in kreuzberg and buying magazines in prenzlauer berg come november. so this month i want to research all things berlin. films, blogs, street names, people, apartments, atmosphere.
what is berlin ?
i want to know before this month ends.

– since i’m a blogger myself, it’s almost weird how little time i spend on other blogs. i never really understood people hanging out more on blogs than say instagram or fb. until now. i’m starting to really get the medium since starting to blog more myself. and boy are there some great ones out there. lately i’ve been visiting swedish interior design blogs trendenser and ems designblogg (in english) a lot. also german interview and interior design blog freunde von freunden (available in english) seems like the perfect way of getting to know a new city online before travelling or moving there. i’m using it to get a feel for berlin.

– i got a new best friend. it’s my ipad. i call her anita. i got her from david on my birthday and she’s proven to be quite the little comrade. she makes my work so much more a mobile affair. i take her everywhere and we can work just fine. she’s light, small, and got some serious work ethics. she inspires me to go out and work in new places, to get some change of scenery and see some people. the isolated life of a lifestyle blogger eh ?

– lately i’ve been meeting so many people that follow their dreams. that really go for it. and they’re of course all different in how close they are to upgrade from dreamfollower to dreamcatcher, but it’s quite surprising how far a lot of them have gone with nothing but a will, some talent, a lot of work, and hardheadedness. some of them have already upgraded. how can you not get inspired by that amount of self-belief ? the kind that takes you from nothing but an idea – to supporting yourself through your hobby.

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wishing you and me both an inspired and hopeful july.

love // jenny

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