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it’s that time of the month again – let’s see what june has to offer.

– as with every month, i hope that i will have time in june. i don’t mean that i want to slow down, or do less. i’m perfectly happy with a quick pace and working crazy hours. i mean that i want to be more generous with my time. prioritising being with david and seeing new things. filling up on my experience account – well needed when having a creative job. i also want to have time to write just for the fun of it. it’s one of my favourite things to do.

– i love learning new things, or improving on old things. just knowing that you’ve spent your time on something valuable. so in june i want to absorb knowledge like a sponge, from everyone and anything around me.

– things have been moving so quickly lately, new jobs, new flat, new country, new projects. but i feel like we’re finally able to land a little bit. our situation will be the same as now for the entire summer, making it possible to get a bit more grounded i hope. it’s difficult to plan ahead and get a clear idea on what the next big thing should be when you’re constantly moving. so i hope that a longterm plan will emerge. like one common goal instead of shuffling about in two separate lives, like we have been doing lately.

– last summer when going out for a walk or jog, i listened to a lot of audio books. mostly murakami. i find few authors to be as inspirational as him. not that i care that much about the story or even the characters. but because of the atmosphere he’s creating. i’ve just started listening to a new book by him, and again i’m immediately transported to that world of his. great stuff.

– one thing i find extremely inspiring is people doing their thing without making excuses for their philosophy, goals, taste, skills or aesthetics. people who don’t use irony as a mean to excuse themselves. who can be poetic or sincere without flinching. going a bit further when creating something beautiful for their own sake, not caring about how it will be received. it’s easy to ridicule someone sincere. it’s easy to make fun of yourself to avoid ridicule. so i get inspired by those who have the guts to take themselves and their ideas seriously.

– the above mentioned inspirations are all fine and good – but they don’t even come close to the level of inspo i get from this final one : the swedish midsummer. june is finally here, the sky never gets completely dark, the world outside my windows is green to the point of loudness. the people on the street are practically bursting with energy and some sort of hard-to-explain immediacy. the swedish summer is so swift, beautiful and filled with nostalgia that it actually hurts to experience it. i don’t know why i love that summer melancholia so much. it always shakes you to the core. oh the sweet brutality.

love // jenny

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  1. Saw your aparment tour update. Love your taste in decor but not all the wires running throughout. Hope not too many plugins in one socket. Fireman told me that is one of common fire causes along with toaster ovens. Tip

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