THE MONTHLIES : september

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september is already here – i can’t believe how quickly this summer has passed. i’ve been so looking forward to this autumn with my cookbook coming out, after almost a year of waiting. and soon moving yet again – maybe to berlin this time, who knows ? can’t wait either way !

as usual – here are my hopes and inspirations for the month :

– i hope we can sort out this whole berlin business this month. it would be so good to know that we’ve got a plan when october comes, whatever that plan may look like.
don’t get me wrong though, coming back to stockholm has really been so good for us. and i got nothing but love for stockholm for taking care of us so generously. if berlin won’t happen and we’ll stay in scandinavia for a while longer, i won’t cry a single tear. this is a great city to be in. i’m just ready for new adventures.

– i really really really hope my cookbook will be published in english. or any other language for that matter. i feel so bad every time i have to answer – no it’s only available in swedish for now. maybe forever. come on cookbook gods out there, make a translation happen !


– have you ever seen that show so you think you can dance ? i used to watch it every summer before i moved to london, but we didn’t have a tv in london so i forgot about it. anyway, recently i’ve been in such a mood to take up dancing, so i just started watching it again. and oh man. i  r e a l l y  want to start dancing now. as soon as we know where we’re moving to, i’m looking up some dance studios. and i don’t even want to choose a dance style to learn, i want to try all of them !
it would be so good for my body to get some serious dances moves going on too, since i spend all days in front of a screen. i can’t wait, i just want to get going !

– is there anything more inspiring than collaboration ? i’m lucky enough to be in a community where competition is almost non-existing. since most of us vegans want the same thing – to simply spread the vegan love – we’re all on the same side. we help each other out, and promote each other like crazy, not caring who’s got the biggest blog or whatever.
and when collaborating – i grow. i learn, i get inspired, i get motivated to work hard. just from being around others in my community. instead of sabotaging our competition, we should all focus on supporting each other. there’s plenty of room for all of us.

wishing you a splendid september
love // jenny

some other inspirations in the photos :
– new swedish vegan cookbook välkommen till vegoriket (welcome to vegoland) by my brilliant friend mattias kristiansson. yep, we both came out with our cookbooks at almost the exact same time.
not competitor – colleague.
– being vegan in germany seems hella nice. here’s a spread from one of quite many german vegan magazines welt vegan. i’m looking at the lovely photos, trying to understand it as best i can ^^



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