The New Way to do Wall Art

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*this blog post is sponsored by displate. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.

as you know, i like to change things up in my apartment. and because of that, i always try to decorate in a way that is airy, mobile, and easy to move around. sometimes you have to add or take something away to make the space feel just right. sometimes it’s as simple as swapping a poster or switching over the wall art you already have to give the room a little transformation !

you can probably tell by my interior photographs i share of mine and david’s apartment, that hanging wall art isn’t something we usually do to decorate. for me, framing and hanging wall art has always seemed like such a hassle, especially since we move from city to city quite often. and before i hang anything on my walls, i think about moving out day, when it’s time to fill the nail holes and paint the walls… but you know what, for all us nomads out there, displate is here to the rescue ! the good old nails and screws are not only one way to hang art. my new posters are a little different – they’re made from a high quality metal with a matt finish so … *drumroll* they attach with a magnet – clever huh !?

we haven’t decided where to put them yet, so we’re trying a few different spots around the flat. what do you think ?

when choosing among the prints on the site (quite difficult task, since there are thousands of them), david and i are fell for these very simple yet detailed city maps. we chose the cities we’ve ever lived in : stockholm, london, and berlin. plus, we couldn’t leave out our favourite place in the world – the city of our dreams, tokyo.

moving from berlin back to london early next year, these maps makes us feel all nostalgic. david is actually a kind of map geek, and he used to have an atlas when we first moved in together that he would show me exciting places from, that we should visit on future trips. i teased him about that atlas, but secretly found it very romantic. don’t tell him.

these four maps are already sparking memories for us. tracing the streets we used to walk down when we first started dating in stockholm. remembering our very first night when we moved to london – the soho apartment over the strip club. the addresses of first few events we were invited to here in berlin, dressing up and pinching ourselves. and then tokyo. still a mystery of a city to us with so much more to explore, but at the same time feeling like home. our spirit city, if that’s even a thing ^^

i’m thinking of getting some tiny stickers so that we can mark our favourite place in each city. but for now, i’m enjoying having these as a reminder of where i’ve been, where i am, and where we’re going.

oh, and did i mention the best things about my friends at displate ? they plant TEN trees for every order. so thanks to my four posters, 40 trees exist that didn’t before. having cute decor whilst saving the world from deforestation – sign me up. and of course i’ve got a discount for you, use code JENNY in the check out to get free shipping ! 

love // jenny


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  1. Jenny, will you be releasing another calendar like last years? I loved its simplicity and had it up next to my bed all year.
    Thank you,
    Diana from San Francisco

  2. Admiring the commitment you put into your blog and detailed information you offer. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Wonderful read!

  3. Hey! I like to change things up in my apartment. and because of that, I always try to decorate in a way that is airy, mobile, and easy to move around.

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