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ever since coming home from our US trip, we’ve been upping our apartment fixing to a new level !
and we’re almost done, in just a few days it will finally be ready enough for us to film a tour video for you guys.

one of the biggest changes in our flat since coming home are these two gorgeous white steel tables for our living room. those of you with a good eye might see that they are matching our lovely drinks trolley we already had, making the room feel both more cohesive, and a lot brighter !

both the tables and the trolley is from our lovely sponsors ( and fellow swedes ) domo design. ever since seeing these tables on their site, i haven’t been able to get them out of my mind – so perfect did they seem to our space. and i’m happy to say that they are now at home in our flat ( thank you domo ! )
i love how large they are, bringing the sofa and daybeds closer together. it kind of has a glamorous 60’s modernist touch to it, don’t you think ?

ever since getting them, david and i have been loving to eating while sitting down on the floor. their perfect for the cosiest kind of work date – like chatting over some rice and tofu while watching a korean film we’ll later review. why is eating on the floor the most romantic thing in life ?

we’re already looking forward to having cocktail parties and movie nights in this room, and we’ve finally found a rug to go under the tables as a final touch. just some sort of huge plant in the corner left now and i think we’re done ! let me know if you have any plant suggestions !

love // jenny

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    i love your flat very clean, bright & cozy. furnitures are very simple yet elegant. i really believe that less is more. can’t wait to see the video on your apartment update. trying to get ideas for home decoration.

  2. Hi Mustards!

    Get a Fiddle Leaf Fig. It’s a really easy plant to care for and it looks very nice in a light and bright space.



  3. I love the Ficus Benjamini I got for my birth from my mom’s friend. It must be close to 30 years old now and survived everything. You can also make cuttings and grow new trees if it becomes too tall. I love giving one away as a present if I have one to spare <3

  4. I love especially the combination of grey and white, it makes it look super stylish and is calming for the eye. Looking forward to the video!

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