17 WEIRD THINGS SWEDISH PEOPLE DO !! (culture fun facts)

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every country has their own quirks when it comes to culture and behaviour, so here is a list of  absolute weirdest customs from my own birth place – sweden. because swedish people definitely do some weird shit. yep, it’s roasting time !

i talk about:

  • the law of being humble ?!
  • it’s oj, not oi !
  • the all-mightly swedish liquor store !
  • how to keep badgers away ?
  • why the women of the north are leaving ?!
  • we love uniform clothing !
  • why are swedes scared of their neighbours ?
  • the brutally honest answer to a simple ‘how are you’ ?
  • why stranger danger is not a thing !
  • hej hej, tack tack, puss puss !
  • we call each other by our actual names – no mr, miss or dr here !
  • we take our shoes off, always !
  • coffee is just coffee, no macchiatos, esprosso, cortado – coffee !
  • the kebabizza, enough said !
  • feminist fashion for everyone !
  • card is king !

after i asked you guys on instagram what videos you would like to see, swedish culture fun facts was one of the most popular ideas. now, this is all just good-humoured fun, so i hope you like the quirks of my people. i am so curious to hear what some weird things your own country-people do too, please share !

love // jenny

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