TOP 10 FASHION ESSENTIALS | summer trends 2017

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beach 2017 is here and it’s time to get our summer outfits out ! today i’m sharing all about my favourite summer essentials, which trends i’m obsessing over this season, and showing you a little lookbook over the things i’m going to be living in on those hot summer days this year.

anything from hats, swimwear, and sunglasses, to sandals, fishnets, and short shorts. and i haven’t forgotten my fav jewelry, makeup, and bra tops ! this one is smack-packed with gorgeous items and summer vibes – in the minimalist style of course.

because summer is the hardest time to look stylish, right ? without the option of layering to add coolness, we’re doomed to look basic and boring in our mini summer-heat-approved outfits. luckily there are some ways to up the chicness without adding warmth – so it’s time, lean back and check out my top 10 summer fashion essentials to look cool, quirky, and collected in the summer heat !

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love // jenny

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  1. Marina Berg

    Wow! Those Calvin Klein sunglasses are amazing! Cheers from rainy Denmark.

  2. Tchoban Museum of Architecture Paintings! Im so much of an architect, my focus is always on the building. Nice Post though!

    Architecture world is fully dominated by enviousness, stress, competition and the will as well as the need to succeed fully into a speedy world. Would you mind doing a video about the art of loving an creative life with all its struggles without going completely crazy? You both seem quite good at that.

  3. Summer is the season when you should keep the make-up and clothe minimal, but go huge on the accessories. Sunglasses, earrings, hats, chokers and bracelets are your best couple in hot summer!!

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