TOP 5 BENEFITS OF MINIMALISM ( ft. Madeleine Olivia )

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today i’m bringing you my top benefits of minimalism. and i’m not doing it alone ! that’s right, today is a collab with none other than madeleine olivia ! together we have defined our personal favourite things about minimalism, and what the ultimate perks of a minimalist lifestyle looks like for us.

i’m sharing my top 5 benefits on the personal, everyday level, and maddie is talking about the best aspects of simplifying when it comes to career, money, and that kind of thing. don’t forget to check her video out ( after you’ve watched mine of course ! ).

i talk about :
– why decluttering equals less stress ?
– how saying no can be the most freeing feeling ever !
– saying no without being rude ?
– owning less makes you mobile, flexible and free !
– the classic : quality over quantity !
– simplifying our brains !?
– staying focused by removing distraction & organizing our home !
– getting to know ourselves in a new way !

what do you take with out after watching madeleine’s and my videos, is there anything you feel like you just have to add to the list ?

love // jenny

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