TRAVEL : packing for mini holiday at the lake

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so august is already here and i know i should be uploading a new edition of the monthlies today. but it’ll have to wait till after the weekend, because me and david are going to the lake today – finally ! we haven’t been all summer and i really need some veranda time.

ok so it won’t exactly be work free, more like sort of a working holiday if there is such a paradoxal thing. but still. fresh air, forest, mosquitos, and fireplace, i’m ready for you.


here are some mini holiday essentials :
– bikini of course (although these are actually underwear but they’re just too cute to hide under clothes don’t you think ?)
– skin care stuff from live by being, and body brush
– some interior design magazines i never get the time to read
– new cookbook from lovely vegan kathy patalsky
– our kindles
– sunnies
– my trusted kimono (or polyester yukata more like it)
– phone + charger + anita (my ipad)
– camera stuff
– and maybe most essential of all, some snacks for the trip since i like to eat like all the time

packing3  packing8cpacking7packing9

hope you’re having a sweet weekend too.
wish me a happy trip ?

love // jenny


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