TRAVEL : portland in 4 minutes | our holiday video

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happy lucia day !
in sweden we celebrate st lucia on the 13th of dec every year. it’s quite beautiful with all the candles and saffron buns and mulled wine and kids in white dresses singing songs. if you’ve never heard about lucia before, have a look here.

so this morning david woke me up with hot chocolate and vegan cheese crisp bread in bed. he waltzed in singing lucia songs carrying a candle and the tray with breakfast. quite a good start to the day.

today david has planned everything, so i have no idea what we’re up to. a day off !

so to entertain you while we go off the radar today, we’re sharing our portland holiday video with you guys ! yep that’s right, we’ve finally managed to edit the whole thing. hope you like it.

these pics are just stills from the actual video material, so you have to excuse the quality.


have a beautiful day kiddos and let me know if these sort of holiday videos are something you’d like to see more of !

love // jenny

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  1. Cool video Jenny, I want to visit Portland! What was that big white sprinkled doughnut I saw after the footage of you eating a doughnut? Was that a ceiling decoration?

  2. Such a beautiful video! Absolutely stunning impressions, the nature around there looks amazing. Very impressed with your “survival skills” too haha! Just brilliant.

  3. I love the googles you’re wearing as an element of one of the outfits presented in the video. Can you tell me where did you get them?

  4. You are so precious, Jenny! I love your videos. They make my day a little brighter :)

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