GOING PLACES : vegan bbq tempeh ribs in portland

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on saturday, our first day here in portland, we went homegrown smoker vegan bbq in the mississippi area for lunch – a food truck in with vegan comfort food. i’m not usually a fan of this kind of food, it’s normally more focused on being heavy thank flavourful, so this was such a pleasant surprise ! un-boring, filling, and not too oily or bland.

we had their ‘rib’ platter, made of smoked tempeh. they make probably the best tempeh i’ve ever had, fluffy and chewy without being too dense. and the distinct tempeh flavour worked wonderfully with the bbq sauce. as sides, we had super tasty baked beans and stewed greens. as if that wasn’t enough, it also came with some hush puppies with remoulade sauce.


as you can see the portions are huge, so me and david shared a plate, which we thought was more than enough for the pair of us.


it was a crazy rainy day, you can almost see how dark the sky was in the pics right ? but it was so cozy hearing the rain come down on the tent ceiling we were under.
if you’re ever in portland, you really should try some of this tempeh !

love // jenny

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  3. This looks so yummy!! I really miss BBQ since I grew up with it in Atlanta. We definitely don’t have any BBQ here in Hong Kong! I’ve got to make it out to Portland ASAP.

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