TREND : damage clothing

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for quite a while now i’ve been the hugest fan of taiwanese brand DAMAGE, a label of fashion website and shop AMPM.
i’ve finally got my hands on an outfit (although quite a tiny one i have to admit) and i’m over the moon. i feel like an 80s hardcore bicycle maniac. but in a good way.
i’ve taken some pics. hope you like.


my bf loves this headband. he says it makes me look like a japanese chef. cute right ^^

damageselfie1 bookshelfkissedbyecopost3c kissedbyecopost4c damage2

i love that i’m just feeling more and more happy in my body everyday. wearing skimpy clothes like these or covering up in extremely oversized – it doesn’t matter, it’s still my body and it feels great. good enough just like it is.

damage4 damage5

hella sweet details right :

damage8 damage9 damage11damageselfie2

you should go follow damage on instagram, because you’re prob by now obsessing over them as much as i am right ?

i’m also wearing items from MIND THE MUSTARD and ZL BY ZLISM, all available at ^^

now go give your body a hug. you’ve only got the one.
love // jenny

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