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today we take a walk down memory lane and remember all the weird and wonderful video games we’ve played at different stages of our lives. we also discuss the gaming phenomenon and how we feel about going virtual instead of staying in real life.

we talk about :
– our all time fav video games – how many of them do you remember ?
– is gaming good for you !?
– how do we feel about virtual reality ?
– is gaming a waste of time or something worth doing ?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week david talks about a tweet that got out of hand and how some people just don’t seem to know the difference between joking and being serious !

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  1. Polly Riot

    I’m not even interested in video games but i enjoyed this podcast nonetheless :)

    I’m glad you guys addressed the comments on your “why we are feminists” video. Was curious about your thoughts on it.
    I left a comment on that video (cause i really liked it) and even my comment got some very nasty replies.
    One of the guys who replied even had a whole youtube channel about why feminism is bad and why it should be abolished. I can’t believe people invest so much time trying to “fight” feminism. Those dudes must really be afraid of losing their privileges.

    Sorry you had to deal with all those nasty comments. I (and probably many of your other followers) really enjoyed the content though!

  2. Jenny, your lower back pain sounds like something I had a while back from running. It could be either from spin class or from sitting in an awkward position, or a combination of both. Is it particularly on one side? For me it lasted about 7 days, I couldn’t even straighten up properly. What helped was yoga (pigeon pose, upward and downward dog carefully, anything that kind of pushes in the direction of the pain). You could also try triggering the piriformis. Not by telling it problematic jokes or showing it the comments on your feminism video, but by sitting on something small and hard like a tennis ball. Then, when it starts to get better, a bit of gentle strength training. I’m definitely no expert but it’s what helped me anyway, so I thought I’d share in case it’s helpful to you too.

    I think games can be brain food, some of them are pretty compelling works of fiction, some of them are quite beautiful. I also love the graphics in Ocarina of Time, all the characters look like some kind of paper puppets, it’s very atmospheric. Mostly games are a good way to blow off some steam while still doing something you have to concentrate on.

  3. hi guys, i’ve been enjoying your podcasts so so much :) the one thing that drives me crazy about it is the so strange and loud advertisement that pops up sometimes. is it even an ad? is it an important public service announcement for swedish people? is it a message from the aliens that they have inserted and you don’t even know about it? is it a hilarious inside joke that only speakers of that language (is it even swedish?) can understand? it sounds vintage space agey to me (ie like how people from past thought the future would sound).
    please enlighten me!

  4. I had to laugh so much: “That’s like not being on facebook.” – “Well I don’t have facebook.” […] “That’s like not having a TV.” – “Well we don’t have a TV…”
    Love you guys!
    x, Anova

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