WHAT I EAT IN A DAY [vegan in tokyo]

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i finally made it over to tokyo, japan – so come spend a day with me and see what i ate !
this has been a dream of mine my whole life, i still can’t believe it finally happened ! so of course i want to share all the delicious japanese treats we had with you. here it, is our experience being on a healthy vegan diet in tokyo.

i talk about :
– what i ate one of the days on my tokyo trip !
– staying on a healthy diet when on vacation !
– come food shopping in tokyo !
– matcha, matcha, matcha !
– i show you some of the most magical places i’ve been !
– how expensive it is with fruit and veg in tokyo !
– the lifesaving translate app !
– natto & tofu misozuke – the weirdest foods ?
– tofu cooked on the table !?

have you guys ever been to tokyo ?
did you love it just as much as we do !?
if you do and you want more tokyo – come check out our vlogs ( and many more to come ! )

love // jenny

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