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we used to live in london for 4 years, and it has now been almost exactly 4 years since we packed our bags and left. we haven’t even been back to visit a single time since then – you could say london and i didn’t separate on particularly good terms. but recently i have had the feeling of nostalgia towards the place, and when i look back everything seems painted in an unusually flattering light. where is this all coming from i wondered, so i decided to both answer some of your questions about it, but mostly to remind myself why i left in the first place. here is the story of why london and i was a passionate love story, that just didn’t work out.

being an online nomad isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely charming. i’m learning so much about myself and the world every time i move to a new place, and london was the place where i first started my career as an immigrant. so no matter the not so good things about the city ( yes, it is the city ), i’ll always have a special place for london in my heart !

i would love to hear your thoughts on this. are you a londoner totally disagreeing with me, or are you from somewhere else considering moving there ? 

love // jenny

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  1. I live in London, moved two years ago with 3 kids. Cruel and brutal city as it is, (and very expensive too) we still fight to make it a home, brexit mediante..

  2. Hah! Good one! London is nice to visit but I wouldn’t move there. I didn’t get to observe all the things you had but, still, it is expensive and, most of the time, I felt unsafe. There are some good looking men there, though ;P

  3. I’ve been living in London now for nearly 3 years, I’m English but from Rugby (in the Midlands) and I cannot wait to be somewhere else!
    Personally, I think London is hyped up too much and isn’t worth the insane amount of money that you have to spend to live here (not that I don’t like the flat and area where I currently live).
    I can’t complain too much about London though, I met my boyfriend when moved down here and now we live together!

  4. Very accurate! I never named the mice in my tiny East London house (we were six people living there and each paid around £600 pm which wasn’t even that expensive for the Brick Lane area……..) but when I would sit very quietly in the kitchen they would come out to eat stuff off the floor, I think we had a whole mice family living with us! My closet sized room was actually half of the living room (they had put up a makeshift wall) and there was a huge hole in my wall facing the back garden. Not only did I survive a winter there I literally had the time of my life. London can get away with most things haha!

  5. Jenny, I would really like to ask (Even though this isn’t a ”Plan with me” video) What notebook do you use for planning? I can’t seem to find a nice unruled spiral notebook anywhere. Thanks a lot!

  6. My husband was born in the U.K. (lived in Wales and England as a child) and his family is from England. Although they’re very fond of their British family, they don’t have particularly good things to say about the environment in Britain, particularly in England. They left in the Thatcher era, and they said the class divide has gotten very dramatic and they always feel an overwhelming sense of injustice there.

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