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another fresh start to the week – another fresh THE MUSTARDS podcast episode !
today we talk about the importance of luxury.

– what is luxury really ?
– when do we feel luxurious ?
– our first luxury memories !
– how luxury is different for everyone ( and getting all that free stuff as an influencer )
– hygge vs luxury !
– why is luxury important for our happiness ?

we also talk about :
– the whole pewdiepie drama !
– what our first order of business would be if we were the dictators of a country !
– and of course, david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know.

who’s in ?

btw, our podcast is now hosted on acast !
so from now on, you can listen to us here (scroll down), on acast, itunes, or most other places they have podcasts.
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love // jenny & david

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we took these photos the other day when we were shooting our ‘how to feel sexy without being naked‘ video.

i’m wearing :
kiomi waistcoat*
the coolest trousers* in the world by björn borg
squarestreet watch*
vegan booties* from vagabond

*press gift product


  1. I love your podcasts so much! I always learn something new! I was wondering how were you two when you first met and how much you changed?

    • OMG I also thought cinema is luxury when I was a kid. We only have one and few films so going there was like visiting Disneyland

  2. Hi you too <3 Great podcast! Could you maybe talk about habits -like how to break a bad habit and establish a good habit, work/study tips, in general life motivational stuff. -its seems like you guys have found a daily routine, that you love, at the same time that you are working hard!… do you have any advice on becoming more in peace with what you are doing when it is hard..?
    And maybe bring back Create Corner!! <3
    I was also thinking about how fun it could be if you had a : Mustard-call-line every podcast! -like an advice line, where we could call you and ask a question (maybe on a specifik subject, like veganism, minimalist, relationship, creativity, ect!

    Lots of hugs from Denmark -keep up the good work guys!

  3. In a previous podcast you asked for other sites to add your podcasts. I love Stitcher – perhaps you could also add your podcasts to Stitcher?

  4. Bonjour!
    As you like reading, I recommend the book “the devil’s cloth, a history of stripes” by Michel Pastoureau. Stripes are more complex than the simplistic point of view of the lady you mention :D
    Have a luxurious week-end!

  5. It’s so good to hear that there are still lovely people capable of appreciating smaller but equally beautiful things in life. I love your podcasts soooo much!
    Much love,

  6. Just in addition to the pewdiepie drama – i recommend this article on forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danidiplacido/2017/02/17/pewdiepie-may-be-offensive-but-does-he-really-deserve-all-the-hate/#714eab946b72
    I share your concerns about the quality of news going down the hill in general. But “don’t trust the official sources of information” is no proper solution, either. That article is well written and offers a differentiated view of the whole story on several levels. The German online radio format Breitband on Deutschlandradio Kultur, on the contrary, simply broadcasted something blurry about “right wing trolls” today, putting pewdiepie in one line with somebody who publishes on breitbart – sad and stupid. But there is hope! There has to be! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, have a nice weekend!

  7. So lovely to listen to a podcast with you two! The more I see of you guys the more I feel like you are my friends. You guys are so sweet and I hoe you keep posting these!

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