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another weekend, another sunday breakfast with the mustards !
today we talk about why we think that everyone should try living abroads at least once in their life. as you might know, germany is the third country we’ve tried out living in. and it probably won’t be the last !

why do we think it has been so important for our creative minimalist lifestyle to move around so much ?
it’s all about perspective, being open and curious, wanting to learn about the world, and to find out who we are when we’re put in a new place.

there is no way that we had had the idea to go after our dream life – this online career of ours – if we hadn’t left sweden in the first place. new places means new inspiration. new ideas. new types of creativity. and not to mention, new people to learn from. it’s also so good for the self-confidence to realise that you can handle the hassle and insecurities of moving to a new place.

because it is a hassle. and you get insecure. but boy oh boy is it worth it !

love // jenny & david

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  1. I’ve done it five times and now permanently live in a country that’s not my birth country, and I couldn’t agree with you more :-)

  2. I wish but a can’t speak english so good and a have so liittle money
    And now I’m really sick
    I have brain cancer only 29 and I’m dying
    But I’m going to heaven have no pain any more
    I don’t have any friends and only me
    My family died in Car accident so I’m going home
    I’m hope every else live a happy life get they dream
    Love Ninne

  3. There are a lot of good reasons to move abroad. I think you approached the topic from your own unique point of view but all the reasons are right on point. I’ve lived in two different countries and I agree with all cons proposed in the video. Right now I live in my home town and I have to admit that I miss living abroad so much. I’m sure though that I will not settle here and I will definitely move to another country in the future.

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