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what do we really want out of life ? do we have one big goal or many small milestones we want to reach ? whatever you heart’s desire, and no matter how far away realising the dream seems, we’ll get a hell of a lot closer if we try our hardest and believe in ourselves.

so when it comes to reaching my personal goals – big or small – i’ve noticed that i have one go-to trick, or habit, that has always helped me in the past. it’s not something i consciously came up with, it just made sense to me naturally. question is – does it to anyone else ? let’s find out !

this good habit of prioritised focus works so well with my minimalist mindset – meaning that it helps me ignore all those ‘shoulds’ that are only keeping me back by draining my energy and taking up my time and money. maybe my most happy state is being in the zone – alertly yet relaxed creative. it’s not easy to find, but getting into the habit of having a specific place and a specific time of week when we work on our dream project really helps. at least it does for me.

and don’t forget the cozy hygge factor ! calm music, candles, some hot tea or coffee, in a clean and neat room. this is the corner where it’s easiest for me to find that creative zone. now, let’s go to work !

love // jenny

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  1. Love this. Your videos are always so amazing! So unique, and practical and helpful and full of your lovely, playful, genuine, wise self. Love you Jenny!

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