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as far as i can remember this concept has been on my mind, working its magic. let’s speak about a favourite word of mine – refinement. i try to incorporate this way of staying present, grateful, and paying attention into my life on an everyday basis, which has really made me slow down and enjoy the small moments so much more. so today i’m sharing this one trick with you that can help make us immediately happier !

i talk about :
– what does it mean to refine something ?
– how can we use this to make us happier ?
– another way of self-improvement and creating beauty !
– about staying present and being grateful for the moment !
– refinement both the japanese and the swedish way !
– the morning routine of a psychopath killer !?

what are your thoughts on this, am i on to something ?

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny – hi – yes I think you are correct in your assessment of the value of refinement. I think a component of that is taking pleasure/finding joy in simple things. I happen to be sitting in a room that has windows on 3 sides where I’m soaking up gorgeous filtered autumnal sunshine. The colors in here keep shifting depending on where the sun is focused or where the shadows fall. I take disproportionate delight in simple things like this. I also lived your example about the Japanese warm cloth ritual- excellent illustration.

    Thank you for a thoughtful & thought provoking discussion.


  2. Becoming happier is one of the most important things on everyone’s life. One should work upon him- or herself every day to become happier. I personally share your thought on this. Great post!

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