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for this post, i’ve teamed up with none other than calvin klein. my new gorgeously glamorous swimsuit and super luxurious sunglasses are getting me into serious summer mode, so i’m sharing with you some of the things i most look forward to this summer, and a few tips on what i think everyone should try for themselves !

1. swim !
the number one most important thing to do to make it feel like summer has arrived is of course to go swimming. doesn’t matter how cold it is ( come on, i’m from sweden. if we swedes can do it, everyone can! ), doesn’t matter how much of a water-coward you are – do it anyway ! nothing feels as refreshing and romantic as sun-drying on the deck after a cold swim. it wouldn’t be summer without it. extra points for skinny dipping !

2. vacation / staycation
go somewhere new – have a little adventure ! i’m going to copenhagen for the first time with david in a couple of weeks, and i can’t wait to explore the city on a couple of warm summer nights. if going out of the country isn’t an option – try a staycation ! exploring the city you actually live in is more fun than it sounds – all places have hidden spots just waiting to get discovered. go find them !

3. eating fresh
summer food is so romantic. i’m thinking water melon, olives, strawberries, tomatoes, cherries, fresh beetroot and asparagus, big fresh salads drenched in vinaigrette, and all the herbs we can find. the simpler the better in the summer – let’s leave complicated cooking for the colder months, and spend our summer evenings outside of the kitchen. i look forward to fresh swedish cabbage and artichokes. i’ll be gobbling it done by the bucketload as soon as we reach the stockholm archipelago after our little copenhagen trip, you can be sure of that !

4. try something new
summer is the season of adventure. big or small, let’s challenge ourselves to do something that scares us. talk to that cute barista at your fav coffee place, wear that outfit you never had the courage to walk out the door in, start the dream project that always seemed too daunting. whatever it is, a little bit of a challenge is never a bad thing. and failing is totally fine, because you know what they say – what happens in summer, stays in summer. ok, they don’t say that. but they should.

5. outdoor cinema
oh outdoor movie-watching, how cosy it is ! i’ve only been once before, so let’s change that this summer. david took me to see thelma and louise on my birthday a couple of years back, and it was the loveliest. it was a bit chilly so we had blankets and snuggled up together. if you don’t have an outdoor cinema in your city – create one yourself ! bring cushions and blankets outdoors, pop all the popcorn you can find, invite a few friends and watch on a laptop in the park or on a balcony. more movie nights to the people !

6. sweden
yep, i’m going to sweden, to a little seaside town outside of stockholm. if you haven’t been to sweden in the summer, you need to put it on your to-do list. there is no better place to spend a summer week than in sweden. the fresh, green, clean air and the countless little lakes to swim in ( free for anyone to jump in ! ). the wild strawberries, the wild flowers, the wild animals. the colours of the fields and the smell of freshly cut grass. the never-ending sunlight, even late at night. the bats, and even the mosquitos. nothing can compare to my home country when it comes to summer atmosphere.

7. reading
staying up too late and reading cheesy crime novels aloud to a loved one, or lazily listening to an audio book while dozing off on the patio. wherever you’re spending this summer, bring books !

8. breakfast on the balcony
early early summer mornings before the heat has woken up, eating berries and oat milk with a healthy dash of cinnamon. starting the day right, with the shy first rays of the day slowly heating up your skin. for the last few weeks. we’ve had breakfast and our morning meeting out on the balcony first thing after the gym. a better way to start the day is hard to think of !

9. long evening walks
with the sun staying up longer, tempting us to spend more time outdoors, what better way to end your day than with a long evening walk in the cool evening air. walking home after meeting up with friends or having dinner, instead of jumping on the metro, is such a lovely way to see your city from a new perspective. or if you’re courageous, maybe even going for a little evening swim ?

10. into the wild !
the city in summertime is great, but it really can’t compete with the countryside. this summer, let’s get some fresh air, look at some flowers, let our feet feel the touch of grass. i’m doing it all this summer – hiking, swimming, picnicking, wining & dining, exercising – you name it !
after spending all of last summer within the berlin city limits, i’m making up for it this year. i’m of course packing my new swimsuit, and i have a feeling that i won’t be taking it off until i’m back in berlin again ( expect for a cheeky skinny dip here and there of course ).

love // jenny

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  1. Sylvie Cattafesta

    I am surprised that you would partner with Calvin Klein as they are barely ethical and do animal testing. Swimming suit does look great though but at what price

  2. Sylvie Cattafesta

    I should mention that I love you guys for the most part and always look forward to your videos and blogs

  3. Margherita

    Hi Jenny! I do love your videos, they are really inspiring and helpful. I am an English teacher and I am definitely going to use them for my lesson plans next year. Which Swedish seaside town would you suggest to visit? Thank you in advance.

  4. This post makes me wanna enjoy summer more, in different new ways.

  5. Enjoyed your tips for the Summer! I am going to travel in Europe, Denmark of cause (home), Germany, France and Italy. I will think of your advise when getting there! :-) We just got picked up by a Swedish store. Not sure when you will be in Stockholm but if it is during Fashion week check out Black Box by Awesome rags! Xo Malaika New York

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