3 jackets // 12 outfits [ + styling david ]

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you guys know i love to find ways to make the most out of the clothes i already have. so with the cooler temperatures creeping up on us i thought it time to share my favourite styling tips for jackets !
i’m styling myself in three jackets, each of them styled into a casual, a dressed up, and a modern outfit. and surprise surprise ! after so many of you have nagged me and nagged me to include menswear looks into my fashion videos, i’m doing something i’ve never done before : i’m styling david in each of the 3 jackets too. hot stuff …!

i talk about :
– the classic trench coat / mac with a twist !
– the bomber jacket – can it be dressed up ?
– the number one trending jacket right now : the oversized boyfriend blazer !
– how to include the current trends into more layered, warmer autumn outfits ?
– how does david feel wearing my clothes ?
– vegan fashion : shoes, boots, bags, jackets, and vegan silk ?
– the motorcycle trend, the street granny trend, the oversized pleats trend, the wednesday addams, and the sci-fi priest !?

that’s it you guys, let me know which look is your favourite !
and feel free to request future fashion videos ! <3

love // jenny

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