3 THINGS : love songs that will get you in the mood

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what do you think of valentine’s day ?
romantic, cozy, something you look forward to ?
a day like every other ?
a day invented by cheap knick-knack stores and jewellers to sell stuff ?

no matter what you think of this day, i hope you make the best of it. to get you in the right mood – here are some songs that will instantly create that atmosphere of love !
( at least in my opinion )


in a sentimental mood – duke ellington, john coltrane
this is such a mood setter. it always gives off an incredibly relaxed, luxurious, and sexy vibe.

work it – missy elliott
you’ve gotta love missy. plus – have you seen this video ? hotness.

like it like that – a tribe called quest
best hip hop out there. chill, smooth, and even a lil bit sweet.


personal memories bonus tunes :

wrong impression – natalie imbruglia
this song might be a bit unexpected on this list, but i’ve got such spring time memories to this song, so it always gets me in a romantic, free, tingly mood.

georgia – ray charles
not sure why, but this is one of our songs. we’ve always said this is the song we’ll dance to at our wedding. can’t remember how that started, but every time i hear this song i start smiling.

come here – kath bloom
another one of ‘our songs’. if you’ve seen before sunrise, you’ll understand why.

perfect day – lou reed
one of our all time favs. if we ever make a movie, this song has to be in it !

anything by billie holiday
because. she’s the queen.


there you have it. i just made a playlist with all these songs to play tomorrow – please hook me up with your love song favs to fill up my playlist with !

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love // jenny

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  1. I love Valentine’s day.
    I will cook my hubby’s favorite meal et offer him a chocolate heat.
    Loved your pictures and ” not to ” see David ❤

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