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i’ve been getting so many questions about the polenta porridge i ate for breakfast in my latest what i eat in a day video.

so i’m sharing my basic sweet polenta porridge recipe – but to spice things up, why not also include two of my other favourite ways to use this versatile, bright yellow little pal ?


first up is this delicious treat. it’s my how to make crispy polenta without oil recipe, and you can find it here.
just looking at these pictures makes my mouth remember the cheese-like gooey and crunchy bites. i might just need to make these as a snack this weekend !


next up is a recent recipe video we made, which is quite similar to the recipe above. but this time we’re using polenta to make our tofu all golden, crispy and crunchy by baking it covered in polenta.
you can find the recipe and see the how-to video here.

since polenta is made from corn, it’s naturally gluten-free. this means that it’s a great substitution for breadcrumbs in most recipes, if you’re intolerant to gluten.


and finally, here’s my basic sweet polenta porridge recipe from the what i eat in a day video as promised !
it’s really yum, so soft and kind to the tummy in the morning.

polenta porridge
serves 2
100 ml / 0.4 cup polenta
about 500 ml / 2 cups water ( or plant milk for a creamier version )
1 large apple, diced
a handful of organic rasins
1 tbsp nut butter ( optional )

serving suggestion : cinnamon, berries, plant milk ( oat, soy, rice, or almond milk for example )

– in a pot, add water and polenta and stir until clump-free. bring to a boil and reduce the heat. add the apple pieces and raisins, and let simmer while stirring continuosly for 7-8 minutes.
– remove from heat and stir in the nut butter if using – cashew, almond, peanut butter or tahini to name a few examples.
– serve with berries, a generous dash of cinnamon and your favourite plant milk. or any other way you like !


another way to use polenta that i just love is to make a savoury porridge of it with mushrooms, broccoli and black beans, served with a cold spicy salsa. such an incredibly quick, easy, satisfying, and nutritious dish !

let me know if you want me to share the recipe !

love // jenny

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    i never used polenta before, but now i think i have to change this! Looks so good!!! Great inspiration – thank you :)

    best regards from hamburg,

  2. Thank you so much for this! I’ve had a bag of polenta sitting in my kitchen cupboard for some weeks and no idea what to do with it :-)

  3. Recently I had delicious meal with polenta at a restaurant. It was something like stir-fry vegetables – mushrooms, olives, cherry tomatoes and polenta triangles that were so soft and delicious. I am very interested in this recipe of yours with mushrooms and always looking for new ways to use polenta!
    P.S. I tried tofu this way and I loved it, as the rest of my family, so thank you for that!

  4. In the southern states of America we call this grits :) and most northern state peeps don’t like it…but it’s the exact same thing as their polenta which is so ironic lol

    • Brenda Bowers

      Mmm mm I love grits! It’s the old preconceived notions people have. If I ever see it on a menu, I must have it!
      P.S. I live in NY but was born in S.C.

    • Brenda Bowers

      Mmm mm I love grits! It’s the old preconceived notions people have. If I ever see it on a menu, I must have it!
      P.S. I live in NY but was born in S.C

    • Grits are made from white corn / hominy and so it tastes different from polenta, which is made from yellow corn. Polenta is also usually cooked with olive oil and vegetables, things like spinach and olives, whereas grits are normally served with butter and cheese. I’m a Texas-born Sicilian, and so grits and polenta are very different things to me.

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  6. I like to make a garlicky, crisp-around-the-edges pan of polenta with a river of chunky marinara down the middle. Haven’t tried it sweet, will have to make the berry version soon. Love your videos!

  7. Patricia Always

    I’d love to have the mushroom, broccoli, black bean porridge recipe. I’ll be trying each of these 3. Thanks… can’t wait.

  8. I would love your recipe for Savory Porridge with mushrooms broccoli back beans and cold spicy salsa

  9. Hi jenny, would like any suggestions for breakfast polenta, l cannot have milk at all, dairy or alternative options, thanks shirl

  10. Jenny, I don’t have any organic raisins. What will happen if I use the ones I have?

  11. Gianna Carini

    Hello! I’m new to your blog and excited to try all the recipes. :-) I’d love the savory polenta porridge recipe, too!

  12. I’d love the savoury polenta porridge recipe too please….keep the recipes coming!

  13. I do not consider grits and polenta the same, at all, except they are both corn-based. They are usually served very different ways. I love polenta but for grits I need to add lots of stuff to eat them. And I too live in the south.

    Thanks for the great recipes. Can’t wait to try!

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