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is maximalism the new minimalism ?
the trend seems to be swinging towards the more colourful and over the top, at least in the interior design and fashion industries. so what does this mean – is minimalism over ? is it no longer trendy and cool to opt for the more simple and downsized ? and will anyone ever again casually drop lingo like declutter, capsule wardrobe, and konmari over their over-prized matcha lattes at their favourite plywood decorated cafes ?

who knows, perhaps the trend factor blessing the minimalist lifestyle is slowly fading this time around, in waiting for the trend pendulum to swing back towards the simple and clean. question is – does it matter ?
of course trends are important. they guide our fingers, telling us what to type in the youtube search bar. but by now, i think that the way people see minimalism and a simplified lifestyle has become so mainstream that it isn’t really going to go anywhere. those of us with personalities suitable for this lifestyle will keep on youtube searching and deepening our understanding of ourselves and what we need to be happy. i’ve always seen myself as a minimalist, no matter what the trend has currently been. because let’s face it, simple never really goes out of style.

that being said, there definitely are some aspects of my lifestyle that i guess would be considered more maximalist than minimalist. what they are ?
let’s take a look !

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love // jenny

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  1. Completly agree with you. I have been a so-called now “minimalist” all my life (that means nearly the double of yours! Time flies :D ). But when I see people counting how many items they own that makes me laugh, well… not quite… because I feel competition and sectarism in that tendency. But I may be just don’t realize how hard it is for some people to declutter, even if they really want it and not just follow a trend; so they need numbers, they need Kondo’s book.
    Yes for the “feel good”!

  2. Inspiring as always. The ”truth” is somewhere in the middle. No mater being minimalist or maximalist, the point is to be happy and satisfied with yourself. Thank you :)

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