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are you lazy ? do you get into the bad habit of procrastinating, wasting time, and being unproductive as soon as no one is watching ? then this video is for you !
i used to be lazy, and now i’m productive and organised and efficient like you wouldn’t believe, and the good habits i talk about today have all worked for me in the past.

for me the goal isn’t to get on with the annoying chores and tasks although their boring to the point of loosing-ones-mind-ness – for me the goal is to make the annoying chores and tasks seem less boring. bringing them to the point of, if not enjoyable or pleasurable, than at least tolerable. here’s some ways in which to do just that !

no matter if it’s about working towards our career goals, our health journey, being a good student, or just getting our act together – productivity and time-efficiency is never wrong. today though, my goal is allowing myself to be super lazy and just recharge. i’m thinking reading all day and finishing off with some kind of movie marathon and a steaming bowl of noodle soup. you ?

love // jenny

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  1. Laziness is a bad habit. Thanks for sharing this. I also have the habit of procrastination, and I will follow these tips to avoid it.

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