A VERY MUSTARD XMAS #5 | our favourite vegan christmas sweet treats

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this special episode of my advent calendar A VERY MUSTARD CHRISTMAS, david and i are sharing three of our favourite vegan holiday sweet treats. if you – just like david – have a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy this one ^.^

that’s right, we’ve taken on the almost epic challenge of creating one video for each of the first 24 days of december. we must be crazy. our mission – to serve you up a cup of the most christmasy sweet and cozy videos we could think of, with everything from christmas movies, holiday book tips, yummy vegan christmas food and sweet treats, and tips on how to survive consumerist mayhem as a minimalist.

recipes :
rice porridge
saffron buns

350 g crunchy peanut butter
200 ml maple / agave syrup
1000 ml cornflakes ( we use organic, unsweetened 100% corn )
200 ml shredded coconut
200 g dark chocolate

– mix the peanut butter and syrup in a large pot and gently heat until melted together.
– remove from heat and add coconut and cornflakes. mix thoroughly until the cornflakes are broken apart.
– cover a pan or baking sheet with parchment paper. add the mix and press until evenly flattened.
– melt the chocolate and pour over the mix. spread evenly and chill until completely cooled.
-when the chocolate has been chilled until hard, the snickers are ready to be cut into your preferred size. store in an airtight container in the fridge !


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watch all the previous episodes here.

love // jenny

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d avid’s homemade snickers. i’m eating one as we speak ^.^image


  1. Hi jenny
    Love love lov your blog and the happy mustard xmas!!! :D <3
    Just a small question. How many snickers does it make?
    Thank you <3

  2. I can’t get your Advent Xmas song out of my head LOL! “A Very Mustard Christmas!”

  3. How long can they be stored? Take care you guys, have an amazing christmas time xx

  4. Lovely recipes. I need to try them all. First in line are snickers! Their so easy to make and I bet they are delicious.

  5. hei jenny, the recipe sounds delicious. but I am a bit curious. du you mean the volumen of 1000ml cornflakes or 1000gr. of cormflakes.
    I definitely will try this recipe!

    love, lila. ♡

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  7. Hello :)

    I’m making these homemade snikers right now. And actually it seems like the ingredients are not enough for 1000 gr of cornflakes. I’ve changed them a little bit: peanut butter =500gr (whole jar) , syrop=350ml (whole bottle) => and the mixture still seems not sticky enough to be cut in the end. And the 270 gr chocolate is not enough to cover the top.

    In the video it seems like you’re using less of cornflakes & shredded coconut. If so, could you please give me the exact amount of products you usually use for this dessert. I really wanna give it another try

    P. S. We are not a big family (just me & my husband), just like you and David, so I guess the amount of ingredients you use will be good enough for us

    • I messed up the recipe as well. The ml was throwing me off, but after having messed up the recipe, I saw that there was ml on my measuring cup, and 1000 ml ended up being about 4 to 4.5 cups of corn flakes. Not sure how what I ended up making will turn out, but will try making it again the right way either way.

      • Oh my God, you are so right about ml! Your idea can actually work! Yes, I saw that Jenny wrote in ml, but I thought it was a mistake, cuz I ‘m used to write about cornflakes in grams But now it all falls into place the enormous amount of cornflakes and shreded coconut
        It wouldn’t come to my mind to use a measuring cup for something not liquid
        That was just a fun misunderstanding. I wish I didn’t by that much of the products that time.
        Brenda, how did it come out?

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  9. Well, these are just divine. Made them last night and both my boyfriend and me were so impressed. I have made several of your recipes and my boyfriend said ‘that Jenny makes some good stuff.’ I must agree.

  10. I tried David’s snickers and loved it! After eating a whole batch to myself (oops), I made it again for non-vegan friends and won their hearts over! Thank you so much for posting this recipe! ^^ I wish you two luck and tons of good things and congrats for the blog

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