this is the online home of THE MUSTARDS, aka jenny & david – minimalist youtubers, fashion bloggers, vegan food vloggers, and design lovers.

one of the most fun things about our job is making videos. on our youtube channel we share everything from vegan food and health ideas, to fashion inspo and minimalist lifestyle musings.
oh, and we also have another youtube channel entirely dedicated to our love of movies. so in other words, our videos cover just about everything we’re passionate about.

this whole thing started in london late 2011, when we launched clothing website MIND THE MUSTARD. after getting an audience following our fashion photography, we decided to start a personal instagram account and youtube channel for jenny. as this grew, our clothing website took the hit as we no longer had time for both projects.
best decision ever, since creating content is what truly makes our palms sweaty and tummies flutter.

both of us are cliché-looking blue-eyed, blonde swedes, currently living in london – stockholm – berlin.

this space was from the beginning meant as a blog just for jenny when it launched back in oct 2014 – but have since then grown into a career for the both of us ( with most posts still written by jenny as david chomps away at the video editing station ).
living the dream – working both with what you love and with who you love.

you can find us on

or send us an email : info [at] jennymustard.com

( due to the number of emails we receive we can’t unfortunately answer all of them. we do read all emails however, and are very grateful for you taking the time to reach out. )

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love // jenny & david