BEAUTY : bleaching my teeth for the first time | HiSmile collab

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sometimes you luck out.
doing this sponsorship* with teeth whitening brand HiSmile is definitely one of those times !

for the last few weeks i had been thinking that i should look up a place here in berlin where i can try bleaching my teeth. all that black tea, guys !

i’ve never tried it before and i was kind of reluctant to even start looking since it would have to be a vegan bleaching place, and it seems like a difficult thing to do. i of course also was a bit scared of sensitivity or harming my teeth, so i wasn’t sure what to do.

then all of a sudden an email from this at home teeth whitening brand sends an email and ask if i want to try out their product and do a little review. and i could hardly believe my luck when they told me that their products aren’t tested on animals, the ingredients are vegan, and their product doesn’t harm the teeth or cause sensitivity. yes please, sign me up !


so about the result – does it work ?
yes, it does work for sure.
i’ve tried their 6 day whitening kit, which comes with whitening gel, a mouth tray, an LED light ( which speeds up the process ), and a cute little guide to track your results. i’m a big fan of the packaging i have to say ^.^
so every day for about a week, i’ve been putting gel on the little mouth tray, popping it in my mouth and lighting that LED baby up.
ten minutes each time, and then it’s done.

so results. i saw a difference after the first time of using it actually. stains have become lighter and the overall look is definitely whiter. no sensitivity or any other side-effects as far as i can tell. my teeth feel just as normal.
if ever those black tea stains come back, i know where i’ll turn for help. and also, they have a teeth whitening pen that i’m dying to try out. it sounds like a fun experiment !


a big thank you to HiSmile, not only for letting me try out their product, but also for creating a whitening kit that is cruelty-free and thought through.
you can find more info on their teeth whitening kit on their website, youtube channel, and insta of course !

love // jenny

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*this post is sponsored by HiSmile. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. Nice! I’ve been looking for something like this, I can’t really spend any money right now (after just moving house with all my stuff… uff…) but it’s definitely going on my list.

  2. I drink coffee whenever I can, and that’s pretty often. Now, I’m having troubles because my teeth ended up being discolored. It was great that you elaborated the different types of teeth whitening and help determine which is right for me.

  3. Bleaching is a good solution if you want to have instant teeth whitening but it is not a permanent solution. Every 6 months, you have to go for bleaching but it is too costly for the middle class people. We can also use toothpaste for whitening teeth. My cousin is using BURST whitening toothpaste and his teeth are white with a perfect smile. He recommended me to use this toothpaste. I have bought one online and have been using it from last month. Hope to see good results using this one.

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