BEAUTY : minimalist beauty hacks | how to make the most out of your products

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so excited to show you today’s video – my makeup artist friend maria and i will walk you through our favourite minimalist beauty hacks !
basically we show you how to make the most out of just a few products, by using them for other things than what they were intended for.

for example – one lipstick, four different finishes ! how does that sound ?
another tip – you never have to buy liquid eyeliner again !

a lot of the time, you seem to assume that i have lots of products, since i like to switch up my look. but actually i don’t have that much makeup at all, i just like mixing and using my products in new ways.
and maria is an expert at this, have a look at the video !

hope you liked this one guys ! we sure had a lot of fun filming it for you ^.^

a big thank you to maria for sharing her tricks with us !
btw, it was also maria who turned me into laura palmer from twin peaks for halloween – take a look !

love // jenny

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