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i don’t think there are any more lovely times of the year than right in between two seasons. the transitioning into something new.
four times per year, i get stricken by the most bitter sweet nostalgia, remembering seasons from some other time, some other year.

no matter which season i’m moving into, i get filled with anticipation and the sense of moving forward, while looking backwards. does that make sense at all ?

for me, it would be difficult to thrive living in a country without seasons. i feel like i need the change of weather, light, temperature, and colours to understand that time is moving forward – and so should i.


and now we are here again, in the middle of two seasons. summer going on autumn. i’m delighted.
whenever the seasons change, i get in a new mood. summer is all about crisp whites, cold food, feeling wild and free, swimming, and movies about summer love.
autumn on the other hand makes me long for muted natural colours in soft greys and beige, hot ginger drinks, bean stews, an everyday routine, slow jazz, red wine, empty note books, productivity and coziness. more indoor activities. less craziness.

taking care of the times of season transitioning is something that brings me great joy. it makes life feel more easy to grasp, and time more possible to understand.


creating an atmosphere around me that makes me look forward to the new season is important. it inspires me, gives me new ideas, motivates me to start new projects, makes it possible to move forward.

perhaps i’m to changeable. maybe i move too quickly, ever going for what feels new and exciting. perhaps. but i rather be moving too often than being stuck in a rut.
i’m like a shark you know. swim or drown.

love // jenny

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i’m wearing
my new dress* from vegan brand nois new york
labante vegan bag*
sleeveless trench coat* from monki
bourgeois boheme vegan sandals*

a perfect outfit to transition from summer to autumn. still light and summery colours, but with layers and heavier materials. i’m loving it.

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  1. I very much relate to what you’re writing here. It reminds me why I miss seasons! Ireland is beautiful but there is little difference between seasons. This summer, we’ve had a steady 15-18 degrees with the occasional warmer, sunny day and 22 degrees. Sigh!

  2. Fernanda Ribeiro

    What an incredible and beautiful point of view! I’ve never about season that way. Now I’m more excited for spring (southern hemisphere here!)

  3. Hi Jenny, beautiful post. I completely agree with you that seasonal transitions enable us to understand time and move forward with it. I have lived in countries with and without four seasons, and how I do feel the need to spend more effort to progress when without any stark change in climate. I can testify it is quite a challenge!

  4. känner verkligen igen mig i det du skriver! älskar den här känslan av nytt, som samtidigt känns så bekant eftersom man gått igenom det många gånger förut!

  5. i agree with you on welcoming transition of seasons. btw, i`m in love with your blog & channel. thank you for providing us such inspiring and content of quality.

  6. Totally agree, one thrives living in a place with for seasons and for me it was my one true love, NYC. My favorite season being Fall! The sense I felt walking through carpets of leaders fallen on the ground or feeling the trees around and pretty much right above me when the day is coming to an end and the light is just right, making everything seem to match the lovely shades of bright yellow and burnt orange and leaves of all shapes in my old neighborhood where most of the houses were modeled after English Tudors is a feeling that will stay within my memories as one of the most memorable for as long as I live. Thank you for inspiring me to write this :)

  7. Lovely and inspiring post

    I enjoyed the beauty of Swedish winter and spring a couple of years ago ni my last visit to Europe, those wonderful landscapes re-defined my perception of time and nature.

    I feel the same need to be emphatic with the movement and changes of nature/seasons

    Greetings everyone
    Thanks Jenny

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