COLUMN : the 9 year engagement

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another year has come and gone once again. yesterday, it was nine years since me and david got engaged.

nine years since that giggly night in greece when i asked him to be my fiancé as a joke.
nine years since he shocked me by saying yes.

and just a week ago, we moved into our first own apartment here in berlin. we have nothing, just some clothes, an air mattress, and each other. after a decade together, that’s what we have to show for ourselves. but for some reason i find that romantic. exciting even.
because although it may mean that we are far from being settled, successful, and stable – it at the same time hints of a life more adventurous, free, and nomadic than i ever would have expected of myself.
and it never would have happened without david. he’s the sole reason that i dare to dream, move, try, and live a life less expected.


after nine years together, he still manages to keep being fresh to me. to be surprising and exciting. i don’t know how he does it.
ok so sometimes he is really predictable and boring too. often i know exactly what he will say before he opens his mouth. and i take him for granted like crazy. but that’s good too.

there’s a balance of excitement and familiarity.

when we’ll get married ?
who cares, i’m happy as i am.

love // jenny

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  1. Happy anni, babes! ❤️ Details on the yum snack you are eating here though PLZ!

  2. ha, that’s the sweetest thing, asking “will you be my fiancé?”, I can only imagine.. I really love what you do, jenny, and like seeing you and david on yt together.
    whenever somebody is thinking about what they are not (yet), I counter-ask: how boring would life be, if that was all settled and done already? you can basically lay down and die. let’s enjoy the ride, with all the dead-ends and diversions :)

  3. Congratulations you guys! I love and get inspired by you as a couple. Have more fun and adventures together!

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