COLUMN : why everyone should move to a new city tomorrow

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it’s only been 4 months since we started our berlin life, and in a lot of ways we still haven’t landed here properly.
we don’t have a flat, we barely know anyone here, we still work crazy hours.

still. berlin has already changed us.
those who tell you that it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, that if you’re unhappy in one place you’ll be unhappy everywhere, clearly haven’t tried living in many places.


moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone is one of the most profoundly life-changing experiences you can have imo. you get a fresh start, a clean slate, no one expects anything of you, because no one knows you. yet.

so you can reinvent yourself. keep what you liked about the old you and discard the rest.
so far, berlin has given me a lot to think about. it inspires me immensely. i can feel a big change happening in me, and i welcome it. i love change.
i can totally relate to sharks. sink or swim. if i stand still, i’ll drown.


the berlin-jenny is more care-free and giggly than the stockholm-jenny. she is ok with messing up a bit, and wants to have fun. like all the time.
she is also in love. with her city, her job, her lifestyle, her freedom. and with her berlin-david. mostly with him.


if you’re unhappy with the person you’re city has turned you into, here’s my suggestion – come to berlin.
or rather, find a place that could be your berlin.
find your berlin-self.

love // jenny

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  1. TheresaNJ

    I was chatting to tourists from Berlin not too long ago, and the guy told me I should move to berlin after I assured him and his spouse they’ll be ok walking outside at night because cops/security often drive by. I regret saying that.
    They said they don’t even need cops in Berlin: that is how safe it is. Whether he was trying to compete with America remains to be seen, but I loved hearing it!
    Jenny, I’m so happy that you love your life in Berlin. And I just keep loving your blog more and more.
    I just want all humans to find their happiness.

  2. You look amazing. And very happy. So good to hear that you are so content in Berlin. It’s a gorgeous city ofcourse, but I guess the company helps a lot too :) Enjoy your time there!

  3. Loved the post and pictures.
    I’m in the process right now to find my berlin-self
    I was unhappy with my life but finaly found the courage to make changes.
    I can say that you help.
    This is pretty exciting to take a new start.
    I also started to blog.
    Keep gooing those inspiring posts you two.
    Love you

  4. Could not agree with this more, I changed continent to get my masters degree and I definitely found my Berlin. Unfortunately, I have to go back home because I need a visa to stay here once I am no longer a student :( I wish we could all be citizens of the world and the concept of nationality didn´t really exist. Many people can find themselves belonging more to a place different from their place of birth, and that is my case. Awesome post though!

  5. I have lived in four different countries and many different places, so I couldn’t agree more! Although I’m not a city person and prefer the countryside :-)
    I also find it’s the same with language. I’m a different kind of me when I speak German, than I am in English.

  6. a clean slate can be so refreshing!

    i’m hoping to have a similar experience when i move to london in a few weeks time. i even decided to start a blog and uploading vlogs to document it. the photos here are lovely and i really like how straightforward your writing is.

  7. I moved to Australia for two years and I’ve had a really hard time living in a new country. There’s a lot of things about myself this sunburned land has revealed. I found my dark-side. But light can’t exist without darkness. I know where I want to go from here and I’m ready to make another move. Even if you have a terrible time living in a new city it’s one of the best learning experiences ever.

  8. At the end of May it’s going to be my 4th Berlin anniversary. It has been a real journey. Ups, downs, rights, lefts…but Berlin stays Berlin. It is beautiful, especially in the summer.
    If you need any tips on vegan living here or anything else, feel free to contact me :)

  9. Well, I would move to a new city if I’d get hired there. Actually, I’ve been applying for jobs elsewhere.
    Thanks for the motivational post.

    And since you’ve asked about some “hair inspiration” a while back, here is one cut you might enjoy to gradually change into from what you’ve got right now

  10. This post really resonates with me as I am moving to Berlin in two weeks. I am a jumble of emotions about my impending move. Excitement, apprehension, nervousness, happiness and ultimately pure joy at the prospect of moving to a place where I truly felt like I could be the real me in. I too don’t really know anyone, that is a scary yet beautiful thing. As you said, you can be whoever you want to be. That is a very freeing feeling! There are so many new things to contend with such as the language, culture and a new city to explore, but I feel like I am ready for this new adventure, for all the ups and downs that may follow and definitely for Berlin in the Summer!

  11. Such a great article Jenny. You are awesome. Maybe i should leave my first love of city and move on to next one. Thanks

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