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hope you’ve guys have had the most wonderful winter holiday so far !

the new year is already here and i’m so ready for it. we’re going back to berlin exactly a week from now and i can’t wait ! i’m childishly excited and happy !

before we start with the spring recipes though, let’s linger a little bit in the warm wintery flavours shall we ?
me and david and ebba made this recipe video together back in berlin – a warming spicy gingerbread oat porridge, and a apple raspberry chutney to go with it. yum.
( we’ve cooked with ebba in a video before – have a look here ).

if you can’t find gingerbread spice mix, just go with the wintery spices you can find – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, whatever !

this time of year i eat porridge usually once a day, either for breakfast ( if david makes it ), or for lunch ( if i make it ). it’s unbeatable !


gingerbread porridge
serves 2
200 ml / 0.8 cup oats
400 ml / 1.6 cups water
2-3 tsp gingerbread spice mix

apple & raspberry chutney
1 apple, diced
250 ml / 1 cup raspberries (we used frozen)
a handful of dates, chopped (about 5-6)

serving suggestion : plant milk ( we used oat milk ) and chopped almonds

– add all the chutney ingredients in a saucepan and stir frequently over medium heat, until the raspberries are smooth, and the apple pieces mushy. give it a taste and add more dates if needed.
– mix the porridge ingredients in a pot and place on medium high heat. stir while it simmers for about five minutes, until firm. serve hot, with or without your favourite plant milk and chopped almonds !


one more week of winter in sweden, then let the berlin spring begin !
what are your plans for this spring guys ?

love // jenny

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  1. This is so easy! I’ll prepare that for my boy (he loves oats) for breakfast when he comes back from his trip :)

  2. beautiful, love it…but when you cook with ebba consider making ice cream…it better suits her cold personality. You r rock!

      • I think she meant “cool” LOL
        Looks super good! I have done gingerbread steel oats, but this looks way better with the chutney. Thanks!

  3. Sweet Jenny–where can I get one of those pots you used to cook the porridge in? I love the side handle–and it has a darling shape!

    • jennymustard

      hey shanna !
      they are not ours, just a kitchen we happened to be in :P
      so can’t help you with that one, sorry !

  4. I’m guessing that that is the “extraordinarily good” breakfast kind Ebba mentioned at her blog recently?? Not that she’s incapable of creating it on her own!
    Nice to see you both cooking together again.
    Another yummy breakfast recipe to add to my recipes.
    Thank you
    Thank you.

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