FASHION : equality – sharing wardrobe with david

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this is the super cheap and stunning shirt i mentioned earlier that i bought for david this christmas. i was sort of thinking that there could be a risk that he didn’t like it, but it cost me hardly anything and i really liked it so i took a chance.

turns out he’s quite happy with it – success !
what’s more, i really wanted it too. the print says equality, one of our favourite words.


here’s me wearing it for the first time. i can use it as a dress, neat huh ?
being minimalists means that we don’t want to own too much stuff of course, so sharing a wardrobe means twice as many outfits in the same size wardrobe.


me and david are almost the same size – i’m a bit taller, he’s a bit wider. so sharing clothes is easy for us. it also helps that my style is so androgynous. neither of us has a problem with being seen as unfeminine or unmasculine, so wearing clothes originally intended for the opposite sex isn’t something we’d ever think twice about.


remember, you decide who you are. society’s expectations can suck it.

love // jenny

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  1. Great T-Shirt Jenny! How nice that you can share things being of similar size. As always, love your posts and videos :)

  2. ‘you decide who you are. society’s expectations can suck it’ – just a lovely punchline to this post! :D

    • jennymustard

      oh thank you so much for stopping by and for the kindness !
      it really means a lot :)
      happy sunday xx

  3. the problem is, in many couples, the girl is way smaller than the guy (like me..) so the “sharing wardrobe” is in an unique sense! (but still valid!)

    • jennymustard

      yep that must be annoying ! but i’m sure you can find some clothes to share anyway, like clothes that you could wear rally oversized ? :)

  4. Now, I’m kind of curious what items he would pick from your wardrobe to wear for himself.

  5. Huh I love getting up and putting on my honey’s t-shirt. It, too, fits me like a dress.

  6. Where do you usally go Shopping?
    Do you do more online-Shopping or do you prefer to go in stores?

    Love, Lilly

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