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i can feel myself winding down for the weekend.
i’m learning how to appreciate days off – although i have to admit that it does stress me out that no one is available on email for two days of the week. the post isn’t delivered. the hustle and bustle of working life quiet down.

the struggle of a workaholic.

but i’m trying to get into weekend mode every friday. i do my best to wind down and look forward to doing … less. usually we end up working weekends as well since we enjoy it so much, but it would definitely be healthier not to. it’s all about habit. david and i both need to get into a habit of relaxation.


therefore, fridays have become more important to us. cleaning the flat, slowing down, buying some flowers, cooking something nice. a calm working day without the need to be too productive. and i think it’s working. give us a month or two and maybe we’ll be a couple of weekenders by the time autumn has settled in. who knows ?


one thing that makes fridays more fun is that i’ve, for some reason, been getting lovely presents in the mail by the end of the week lately. like this gorgeous top* and ring* from sustainable fashion label malaika.

ah, sustainable fashion – don’t you just love the sound of that ?

*sponsored product


here’s to a relaxing weekend. i’m going to try my best to log off and just hang.
yoga, anyone ?

love // jenny

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  1. Louise Borum Bech

    Just bought something for a bubble bath to help me ‘log off’ too…

  2. Fernanda Ribeiro

    Balance is everything! It must be wonderful having a jon you love this much, but it’s also important to find time to relax and do other stuff. I hope you succeed!
    And I must say this makeup is beautiful and the photos are gorgeousl

  3. Both pieces are beautiful. Everyone needs some relaxation. I wish you get into that habit and find happiness in it.

  4. Hi! Just wanted to say that your orange eye shadow looks so striking. I love it. I was just perusing your fashion section for some ideas on how to find my own style. Do you have a section on your website of just photos of you and your outfits? I would love to check it out.

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