FOOD : trying american vegan candy

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this is david’s idea. blame him for this silliness – i’m taking none of the responsibility !

when we were in portland back in november, david bought all these little sweets and treats. so after coming home to stockholm again, we filmed this video of me trying all of them. and it’s not until now that we’ve had the opportunity to finally finish editing it ( no editing computer in berlin in december ).

mine and david’s opinions of these treats are so different, so keep that in mind when watching. something i didn’t like he might have loved and the other way around. so why don’t you have a candy testing of your own and see what you think ? it’s a fun way to spend a few hours let me tell you. i mean just look for the signs of the mega sugar rush i’m having by the end of shooting this video ^^

what’s you favourite candy guys ? do you have a kind that you’ve loved ever since you were a kid ?


oh and don’t forget to hit me with your requests for future videos !

love // jenny

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  1. hi there) to my opinion, video about your morning/evening routine is a great idea. I would love to watch it

  2. Jenny,

    I LOVE your videos! I live in Seattle, so your accent is so fun to listen to. Especially the way you say, “good”.

    I especially enjoyed this video because of your comment about David almost throwing-up from the seaweed based snack. I call my husband The Wendy’s Eating Husband on my blog & he makes similar comments to the foods that I make! I make a lot of unsweetened food. Wendy’s as in the fast food joint! I also loved David sneaking in the video and your comment about him that popped up on the screen!

    Those fruit leathers — you had an apple one — yeah, I wouldn’t consider nor call that candy. I give it to my kids as a healthy snack! I just wish that company made them organic.

    I loved this review of American candy!

    • jennymustard

      oh thank you so much sweetie !
      hahah but we won’t give up ! david WILL love seaweed one day ;)

      lovely blog by the way <3

  3. Where did you find these candies/snacks? I’m near Chicago (near the middle of the US) and haven’t heard of most of them. Here we call the apple strip fruit leather. My kids love them!

  4. Ooh it was so much fun to watch this video. You seemed so relaxed and full of positive energy :)

  5. More ‘what I eat in a day’ videos, please! Those are my favourites ❤️. Also maybe a vid of a typical grocery shopping haul for you and David? Xoxo

  6. You have me another food craving ;)
    And a video about how you started you blog and how you got to share it and make it so gorgeous and popular would be awesome!! Thank you <3

  7. Licorice and Hershey bars were a favorite candy growing up. Just give me anything chocolate, or mixed with it, and I’m happy!
    Now, I often make vegan chocolate bars with coconut and almonds . I am always rushing at the market, but next time think I’ll check out the candy.
    Of your list, I’ll probably like the nori sticks too, along with Mama Ganache.
    I think tasting different foods vids are fun, so I’d like to see more of them, and just keep doing the same fabulous vids you always give us:-)

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Love your blogs :) My fav candy was chocolate tablets/bars; potato chips/crisps & Swedish Berries & wine gums). One candy bar I really loved the -can’t recall who made as its no longer avail- was made up of 8 squares (similar to the Caramilk brand bar) and there were four fillings in each of 2 squares: vanilla; choc.ganache; caramel and coffee-ganache. Oh gosh they were yummy but probably way too sweet for me now! Now my candy consists of dark chocolate bars (organic when possible), dates (Medjools are my fav) and potato chips or veggie chips.
    I would love to see videos about your grocery hauls and how much on average is spent on groceries each week. Also your menu plans/ideas from the grocery hauls. I love doing that when I shop as you sometimes have to change it up if you can’t find something.
    All the best!!

  9. Thank you so much for giving our small company such rave reviews about our Vegan Chocolate SLO Chew Cups. We do have a big selection of Vegan products! Keep up the good work. I was made aware of your website through someone in Hawaii, they ordered the SLO Chew cups. Thanks again!

    • jennymustard

      oh wow that’s amazing ! so happy to hear that :D
      can’t wait to refill my stock the next time i’m in the us ;)

  10. i love your videos ! the purity of the white color is just as your soul is ! I enjoy the videos – what i eat in a day , also would love to see how you and David spend the evenings :)
    All the best

    • jennymustard

      that’s a great idea elena, i’ll keep that in mind !! :D
      thank you so much xx

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