FOOD : what i eat in a day | june edition

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it’s that time again – a new edition of my ‘what i eat in a day’ video series. this was an impromptu, spontaneous venture – a busy day filled with work in front of the computer. but hey, even those days you’ve got to eat.

on this day i made a recipe post for the blog, so we made a gorgeous summer rice salad – you can see some behind the scenes shots from when i was preparing the dish. we actually still got some left in the fridge, so i’m already looking forward to dinner tonight.

otherwise we have what we normally have on working days in the flat – granola berry bowls, smoothies, and tons of tea. a little AW drink before dinner. all healthy, all vegan, all budget-friendly, and super easy.

see below for all recipes !

recipes in this video
super healthy budget chocolate granola
peach berry breakfast bowl ( that we had with the granola )
smoothie bowl ( with a similar smoothie base as this one )
super easy pink rice summer salad

i’m also talking about after work in this video – feel free to check out my column ‘why AW is good for you‘ for some how-to-relax inspo.


by the way, we’re also thinking of filming more when we’re eating out, if you guys would like to come along ?
let me know what you think !

love // jenny

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  1. All your food is so yummy Jenny! I was already vegan before I found your channel however you have so inspired me so much to focus on health (instead of weight loss) and nutrition positivity. Love from Aus xx

  2. Definitely do some filming when you are eating out! I live in Ontario Canada, and our vegan dining-out options are sooo limited! D:

  3. Oh my gosh, these recipes look fantastic! And I seriously crave granola so much, which is why I often have it with smoothie bowls, sweet potato cereal, sweet potato kabocha pudding, or even just on its own! :)

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