FROM SCRATCH : mashed potatoes gone wild | swedish rotmos ( root mash )

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sometimes we all just need to let our hair down and go a bit overboard. the same with potatoes. wedges, mash, and tots in all honour, but let’s see if we can’t turn up the volume just a little bit.

i give you – mashed potatoes gone wild !
( or rotmos as we call it in swedish, meaning root mash )

like always, this recipe is super easy to vary your own way. you can simply add whatever veggies you happen to have in the fridge. it’s a great recipe for getting rid of leftovers and veggies that have seen better days. spinach, onions, cabbage, peppers, aubergine – why not ?


all measurements are just suggestions, you can’t really go wrong here. only thing to keep in mind might be to not use too few potatoes, since they give a good sturdiness.

mashed potatoes gone wild
serves … a million people almost
1000 g / 2.2 lbs potatoes
500 g / 1.1 lbs carrots
2 sweet potatoes
0.5 rutabaga
500 ml / 2 cups butter beans
salt & pepper, to taste
nutritional yeast, to taste ( optional but highly recommended )
if needed : a splash of unsweetened plant milk to modify the consistency

– peal and cube the veggies. the rutabaga takes the longest to cook so make those pieces smaller than the others. the carrots and sweet potatoes are quicker, so those cubes can be a bit larger.
– place all veggies in a large pot and add water until the pieces are just about covered. bring to a boil, and then reduce the heat. let simmer until all pieces are soft enough to mash. cooking time depends on the size of you pieces, so check them often.
– remove from heat and discard the cooking water. now mash ! add unsweetened plant milk ( like oat, soy etc ) if needed to adjust consistency. my pieces where soft enough without milk this time, so i didn’t add any.
– now add beans and mash some more ! season with salt, pepper ( i normally use white pepper on mash ) and nutritional yeast, if using. also delicious with some freshly ground nutmeg.

this is a great kind of food prep in my opinion, since it’s easy, super cheap, nutritious, and you can use it so many ways throughout the week. for instance, why not make a scrambled tofu and mash gratin, or as a base for a potato, leek and mushroom soup ?
we’ve been eating it everyday for almost a week, and i’m still not tired of it !

let me know what you think if you try it.



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love // jenny

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  1. chaley hinson

    Thank you so much for this lovely and lively dish. I definitely making it tonight. Also, thanks for another great dish with use of nutritional yeast.

  2. I actually have a fairly similar recipe, except instead of potato and carrot, I use kabocha! It’s also a sweet mash instead of savory. This one looks absolutely delicious and I have to give this a try very very soon!

  3. I am a new vegan (I like to call myself a part-time vegan because I still like to eat seafood and the occasional piece of chicken), and stumbled onto your youtube channel just a few days ago. This was the first video I saw, and immediately made it for dinner. I made a few subs, butternut squash instead of rutabega and didn’t add the beans, but it is one of my favorite meals I’ve made! I served it over a huge bed of spinach with green onions on top. Keep up the good work- I can’t wait to make more of your recipes!

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  5. Just made this for lunch. Happy in my tummy!! <3 easy, quick, cheap and healthy. I love foods which dont make me feel heavy, thank for inspo Jenny :))
    (Yay, that little rhyme at the end was really unexpected :D you inspire me more than I know :) :D )

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