FROM SCRATCH : spicy kimchi sour cream |+ apple and rye berry salad

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i don’t know if i already told you that our berlin plans have been set – we’re going on thursday !
we’re staying until christmas, getting a chance to get to know the city before we decide to move down permanently. so we’re doing 3 weeks in an airbnb apartment. smart huh ?

oh my we’re so excited at this point ! feels like there’s a big chance that our new life will finally start on thursday. please guys, keep your fingers crossed that everything will be ok for us. that we will find a place to live, and money enough to eat ^^

so since we’re leaving sweden again this thursday, we’re doing our best to get rid of the food we have here in the summer house. it’s my favourite way to create new recipes : having a look in a half-empty fridge and pantry, and trying to find interesting combinations of the few ingredients you have at hand. some of my best recipes happens this way.


today’s recipe is no exception, and let me tell you – i think this will be a new favourite.

how does this sound : spicy kimchi sauce, with homemade vegan sour cream ( or thick soy yogurt actually ). this with a rye berry and apple salad, with tons of lemon. i’m over the moon with this one.

you can of course use some other grain instead of the rye berries – brown rice, oat groats, or pasta even ! whatever you happen to have in your pantry.

if you don’t feel like using kimchi, i’m thinking that sauerkraut, mustard, miso, or chili sauce will do fine. you go on with the experimenting !


spicy kimchi soyur cream
250 ml / 1 cup soy yogurt ( i used planti*, but you can go for the homemade version if you want )
125 ml / 0.5 cup kimchi, chopped
1-2 tsp gochugaru ( korean chili flakes ), or any other chili you prefer
1 garlic clove, minced
salt & black pepper, to taste

– place a couple of coffee filters in a narrow bowl, make sure they overlap completely. pour the soy yogurt into the filters, and let sit in the fridge for a few hours to thicken.
– discard the soy yogurt water that is now covering the bottom of the bowl. scrape the thickened soy yogurt off the filters into the bowl using a spoon. mix in the rest of the ingredients ( be careful with the chili if you’re not used to spicy food ) and give it a taste. add more salt, pepper or gochugaru as needed.

apple rye berry salad
serves 2
about 2 cups cooked rye berries
1 green apple, julienned
1 green onion, sliced
0.5 lemon, thinly sliced

– first of all, about cooking rye berries : i usually just skip the soaking phase they normally recommend on the package, and just cook the rye longer (about 2-3 hours). i like using 1 part rye berries to 2.5 parts water, adding more water at the end if needed. i used cold rye for this recipe, but should be great with fresh-off-the-stove rye berries too i reckon. and like i said earlier, feel free to exchange rye for another grain you like !
– in a bowl, mix rye, apples, green onions and thinly sliced lemon.
– serve with the spicy kimchi sour cream and garnish with a tad more gochugaru ( if you dare ).


we’re busy as bees trying to organise everything for berlin these final days, so i’m grateful to have tons of this in the fridge and not spend more time in the kitchen than needed. hope david will like it ( i’m serving this for dinner ) !
he’s not that fond of kimchi actually so i’m keeping my fingers crossed he will like the garlicky spiciness of the sauce and be ok with the kimchi bit. also he doesn’t like rye berries… ooops ! ok, he can have it with pasta.

love // jenny

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  1. I came across your site a couple of days ago and have been looking at it every day since. I am going to try this one over the weekend because I have everything but the kimchi already! I think all your recipes look amazing. I am trying to get my partner to eat better but she’s into gourmet while I’m more of a “peasant” style cook (not to mention she eats tons of meat & cheese). Maybe some of your pretty food will tempt her and she really likes rye…Please try to get them to publish your cookbook in English. I need more recipes for whole food because most vegan books use a lot of processed vegan stuff. (I cook from scratch and make up a lot of stuff…. creative use of leftovers #9,000,000!)

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