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it might sound like this video is all about how to control yourself when you get a craving. how to not fall for your bodily or mental urge to eat something.

but in fact, this video is about quite the opposite. it’s about giving in to your cravings, satisfying your tastebuds in a healthy, tummy-friendly way.

because i believe that when it comes to health, what we eat is so much more important than how much we eat. sure, there are times in most peoples’ lives where we might over or under eat because we’re feeling bad. but i find that a healthy diet is more happily attained through focussing on getting all those nutrients into our bodies, than through putting focus on calorie counting, portion sizes, self-control, or what the scale says.

so here’s how i do just that, satisfy my cravings while getting tons of nutrients :

here are the recipes i mention in the video :
homemade soy yogurt
my favourite gluten-free crisp bread / crackers
super healthy granola
mango berry (banana-less) ice cream
easiest ever raw vegan fudge
deluxe chocolate coconut raw fudge
healthiest choco milkshake
sesame chili kale chips


hope you got something out of this video guys ! let me know what you thought, and if there are any other health subjects you want me to discuss in a future video.

and don’t forget to tell me and david a little bit about yourselves and your eating habits ! looking forward to getting to know you a little bit better.

love // jenny

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  1. I am hoping to transition to full veganism one day, but I have struggled with it in the city where my university is, especially because I am busy with school. When I was working during my internship, my company provided vegan meals so it was very easy to make vegan choices with very low effort every day.

    I think I struggle the most with restaurants and meals that are sentimental to me, and also with salad at home. I have never been successful making a salad and I wish I ate more greens. Also, if my partner has cheese around, I can never resist.

    I love your videos because the plant-based, whole foods recipes are beautiful and inspire me. I make mostly grains and beans but I fantasize about these beautiful dishes with a whole rainbow of colorful vegetables.

    PS. Do you have any recommendations about clearing a busy, buzzy mind? I know you have mentioned meditation in the past, but I would be curious to hear any advice you have more generally re: depression, anxiety, and obsessively overthinking.

  2. Virgo Nerviosa

    “The most important thing about cravings is (…) to satisfy them”. Amen !! ^_^
    Realizing this was crucial in my process of recovering from (anorexia-)bulimia.

    Take care :)

  3. I’ve been interested in health and veganism since i was teen, but didn’t succed to maintain it in an healthy way (got eating disorders). I feel more and more at PEACE now and slowy improve the plant based meals each day.
    I love to have a green smoothie or rice cake with tahini and a yogourt to satisfy à craving.

  4. Hi Jenny, I’m 54 years old and have been veggie for most of my adult life. I realised I was sensitive to gluten a few years back so I avoid it now. I eat mainly plant-based but am not vegan. I’m very interested in health and nutrition, and I enjoy the minimalist vibe of your blog too. I am turned off by militant veganism but find your positive and kind approach inspiring. Keep up the good work xx

  5. Completely agree that the most important thing is to be prepared and not make decisions late at night! To me, a snack needs to be fast, so if nothing is prepared I’ll go for something convenient and unhealthy. One of my favourite late-night snacks is a mug of healthy hot chocolate from (I’m in no way affiliated with them, I just love them and they do ship worlwide!).

    As for my eating style, I try not to put a label on it as I’m already so restricted by my candida. I try to avoid gluten and dairy and I strictly avoid sugar and alcohol. I’d say I’m about 90% vegan at this stage, I have animal products maybe once a week. It’s not easy being vegan in the Irish countryside as there are no cafes or restaurants catering to vegans, so these are usually the occasions when I eat something with cheese or egg. But working on it :-)

    Thanks for the beautiful video, I made a note of some of these ideas!

  6. Lately I’ve been craving dates stuffed with mixed nuts, topped with some peanut butter and a sprinkle of shredded coconut! I made a lot recently, and keep it in the fridge.
    I was a vegetarian from birth until age 13 years, and then transitioned (with difficulty because I craved dairy) to a vegan diet.
    It’s been 10 years, and while I miss dairy, I love nondairy cheeses now. Also relieved there are more more vegan clothing, home, and makeup choices today.
    Thanks for the tips:-)

  7. been really enjoying your videos,i first saw you on lookbook,and still follow you there as well.
    I’m a pescatarian(i eat all raw fruit,veg and fish and nuts).
    I am aware its unhealthy,but i smoke to fight hunger at night,as I never eat after 7 p.m. and only eat 700 to 900 calories a day.

  8. Jenny,

    We love you and your videos! We’re a couple from Kansas City, Missouri, in our late 50s, and we find your style so refreshing. We’ve been vegetarian for 13 years and are moving to a whole food, plant based way of eating, excluding all animal products. We’re are pleased that it is slowly becoming easier to find vegan options even in the bbq-loving Midwest.

    I have a question for you: what kind of knife do we see you using? Is it a vegetable cleaver? What brand? We want one like it.

    Thank you for your positive attitude and example.

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  10. Penelope Josephine

    Jenny !!!! I have only recently found you and I want you to know I found you searching for Minimalism but have been completely inspired to gradually find my way to becoming a Vegan!! Hurray. My thanks and love to you and David for all you do to bless all of us with your “beauty and inspiration”.

    Penelope Josephine

    • oh that’s amazing !! so happy you found me, thanks for sharing your story :)
      lots of love xx

  11. Hi Jenny, you and Emily von Euw are my favorite vegan gurus. I am not vegan or veggie but I know it’s in the cards for me, I am working my way there. I absolutely adore your minimalist sensibility it is quite satisfying to look at as a person who craves simplicity. I also love your recipes they inspire me to want to make beautiful and nutritious foods. You create everything so mindfully and genuinely, Thank you.

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