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who doesn’t want to feel beautiful ? to be happy with ourself and the way you look ?
why is it so hard then ? we are all gorgeous in our own quirky ways, we just seem to have a hard time realising it.

so let me ask you – do you feel beautiful ?
to be honest, i kind of do. but it took me a long time and lots of soul searching to get to this point. because here’s the thing – the odds are against us. we’re constantly bombarded with messages telling us we’re not good enough or pretty enough.

but i’m telling you, we are ! we just have to decide to believe it.
so that’s why i’m making this body image positivity kinds of videos. to remind you that you already are a pretty lil’ thang.

away with that cookie cutter and let’s celebrate our flaws and quirks. those are what makes us unique.

love // jenny

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the picture where your head is behind the room divider. I thought “hey that’s really creative”.

  2. In my teens and twenties, I was struggling to overcome an eating disorder. Even afterwards, I’d only feel pretty if I was a certain size or shape. It took me literally decades of work – and now in my forties, now that I’m objectively no longer in society’s norm of young=good (which is just as much BS as the other beauty standards), I actually feel at peace, love my body, and feel beautiful.
    I’m glad to see it didn’t take you quite as long, Jenny <3

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