HOW TO : cook tofu like a boss | only 4 ingredients – 10 minutes

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tofu has got such a bad rep. and it’s completely undeserved !
i admit, first time i ate tofu i was disappointed. i had hyped it in my mind to such an extent, then i went and bought silken tofu and tried to pan fry it.
it was a miserable fail.

but after that first attempt, me and tofu are now enjoying a stable and rewarding love affair.
there are few things in this life that get me going as much as tofu.
vegan cliché? who cares !

in this video i show you how i normally cook tofu. you might be surprised how incredibly EASY it is to make these delicious golden flavourful pieces of yumminess.

besides from the tofu itself, i’m only using 3 other ingredients – that you probably already have in the kitchen !
plus it only takes about 10 minutes to cook – what’s not to love ?

if you don’t want to use any oil, check out my crispy baked tofu video.

btw, how cute are my new plates that house doctor sponsored me with ?

love // jenny

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  1. Oh I love Tofu!
    I was wondering what kind of knife you are using?
    Have you ever tried the brand Treiber Tofu? You can get it at almost every Asian grocery store here in Berlin and it is very delicious and much smoother and more firm than the ones from the regular store.
    Love your videos and I am really jealous that you have a gas stove! ;)

  2. Jag har också helt gått över till den här metoden! Enligt mig blir det också bättre att marinera tofun (om man gör det) efter att man har stekt den, än tvärtom. Tack för en bra video i vanlig ordning! :)

  3. Looks so good! My mouth is watering! I was wondering what kind of oil did you use? And what did you sprinkle on at the end, sesame seeds? Thank you!


  5. Tried this method, and happy to say this is the first time I have liked tofu!! I think I even can become a tofu addict like you -who knew! :) Thank you!

  6. It would have been great if you wrote out the recipe on the blog, so you don’t have to watch the video to get the basic info. easier when you are planning meals and writing shoppinglists.

  7. Thank you! You helped me cook tofu for the first time :). One question about your meal: it looks amazing but don’t you miss a dressing or sauce? (Have not tried it yet)

  8. Hi Jenny! I found you on YouTube after watching minimalism videos. And now I see your beautiful food photos on your blog. A girl after my own heart. :) Great job! You make vegan food look so beautiful and delicious (and I am not even vegan!) I can’t wait to read and watch more. XO, Marjorie

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